G2A Improves Front-end Security With Extra Verification

Following up on their announcement about an initiative to help developers gain royalties from third-party sells, G2A has announced a new front-end security verification system that enables users to log into their site using social media services, mobile phone verification, and the new restriction to only sell up to 10 items at a time without further proof of identification.

It will be very interesting to see how some of the users react to being restricted in how much they can sell without proof of identification.

According to a post on the G2A website, CEO Bartosz Skwarczek stated that they wanted to add further value to the service by adding more methods of verification and authentication…

“G2A has an open door for feedback from the gaming community, developers, publishers and media,” […] “Following the announcement of the G2A Game Developer Support System in June 2016, it became clear that a further added value will be to extend G2A’s front-end verification process for new sellers on our marketplace.”

G2A has been doing all that they can recently to clean up how they appear in the public marketplace. Many developers (mostly indies) have deprecated the gray market reseller structure of G2A because they believe it works to depreciate their sales margins by undercutting legitimate outlets with dirt-cheap third-party game keys.

Games that would regularly cost $9.99 on Steam might be found on G2A for $3.99… or less.

Some of the other complaints have been that many of these keys are stolen, and that G2A doesn’t do enough to protect developer products from being resold using stolen keys. G2A opted to start the developer royalty program as a means of giving developers a cut of third-party software sales.

Now it’s a matter of seeing if developers (both big and small) will be okay with G2A now that they’re getting a 10% cut of the sales.

In the meantime, G2A is working on increasing security on the front-end to make it a more comfortable and secure user experience.


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