Gear VR Has 1 Million Monthly Active Users

While sales stats for VR devices still seem to be kept under wraps, we at least know how many people are actually using one of the VR devices currently on the market. According to, Facebook and Samsung’s Gear VR has managed to acquire more than 1 million monthly active users since launch.

According to Zuckerberg, the Gear VR spin-off from Oculus is really gaining ground. I don’t think the same can be said for the DRM-heavy Rift, which is the higher end Oculus HMD that costs $599 and doesn’t have any really good, worthwhile games available for it. Zuckerberg stated that the conference…

“1 million people a month are now using Oculus on mobile phones through our Gear VR partnership with Samsung.”

There are 300 apps available on the Oculus Store for the Gear VR, and they’ve reportedly moved 300,000 units in Europe alone.

The thing is, the 1 million MAUs figure doesn’t really tell us what the move-rate is of the units and whether or not they have user retention. Are people buying the device, giving it a go and then letting it sit? Are they sharing it with friends and not asking for it back? Are people buying several for the kids?

1 million MAUs sounds kind of impressive just until you start asking about the breakdown and then it seems kind of vapid. I mean, I’m sure there are 1 million MAUs for the Wii U the world around, but it doesn’t mean the system is relevant on the market anymore and it certainly doesn’t mean that sales are good for newer software.

That’s another thing that was failed to be brought up. What’s the software attachment rate for the Gear VR? 300 Oculus supported apps and how many of them are being purchased for the Rift and Gear VR? What’s the DAUs? What’s the retention rate? How much are people spending on the apps?

Lots of questions regarding the VR market and very few answers are coming out at the moment.

We know for sure that a lot of people love VR porn and even PornHub opened up a specific section for people using virtual reality headsets. But beyond that the app stats are kept closely guarded.

Back in May Tech Times reported that Samsung’s Gear VR moved 1 million units but they didn’t really go into depth about the software. I’m sure we’ll get more specific results in Facebook’s next quarterly report.


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