GTA 5 Mods Introduce Atomic Tires And Car Carrier

One of the neat features from GTA: San Andreas was being able to use the car carrier to transport around vehicles. They had tow trucks, carriers that could be used as ramps, and trailers that afforded for transporting goods from one place to the next. Well, a mod for GTA V makes car carrier transporting a possibility in Rockstar’s open-world action game.

Modder I’m Not Mental released the new Car Carrier Trailer Mod 1.0 to the general public recently, running on the ScriptHookV and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. It allows gamers to raise and lower a deck, drop the ramp to allow cars to roll up, as well as detach the trailer from the truck. You can also have cars attached or hooked to the trailer so that you can conveniently transport vehicles without them falling, jiggling or blasting off due to wonky physics.

If you have ScriptHookV installed along with the community Script Hook V .Net, installing the mod is as simple as dragging and dropping the files into your GTA V main directory. That’s it. Your one and done.

If you want the Car Carrier Trailer mod, be sure to grab it by downloading it from the download page.


Oh but we’re not done yet.

You that that was all? Nope, we’ve got some sexy new tires that have appeared within the community to give your ride the beautification it needs courtesy of aftermarket aesthetics.

Modder TG_Stig has offered up the community a collection of texture replacement modifications for the tires in the game. It gives the wheels an Atomic branding makeover.

The cars have a more professional racing look thanks to the texture modifications, and for gamers who enjoy pimping out their rides with awesome liveries and great looking sponsorships worn on the cars like tattoos honorably branded across a Maorian warrior, you might like having the Atomic tire mod added to your collection.

You can download the simple texture replacement by hitting up the download page.


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