Headlander Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Double Fine’s Headlander is a futuristic, 3D side-scrolling platformer. The game sports puzzle-based gameplay, shooting and plenty of 1970’s inspired comedy. It’s not a very long game but for those looking for help to get through some of the segments, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Father has a visual walkthrough available offering tips and hints on how to get through each level in the game. It’s a fast playthrough and doesn’t diddle-dawdle, clocking in at just a few hours long. You can check out the 11 video playlist below.

The early parts of the game teaches you how to fly and land on the bodies, how to vacuum up the heads of the robots and take their body, as well as use the lasers to ricochet them off the walls and take out enemies on multiple floors.

One thing to keep an eye on is activation panels throughout the stages. You can disengage from a body and fly onto the panel to activate certain functions, such as an elevator or doorway.

The early goings of the game are pretty linear just until you get to the Satellite Chalet quest after you take over the body of one of the citizens.

Head into the main causeway and head to the security door on the second floor to the right. You can get through the door by disembarking from the body and then fly through the security access panel just above the door. Follow the tunnels to the next citizen pleasure pad and then take a body to head up to the next level.


You’ll enter into an area with security robots… just tank the shots until you get close enough and then headland on the robot security robot before he completely destroys your body. Proceed to run through and blast down the remaining security forces to get to the Satellite Chalet.

After battling your way up to the satellite control station room, you’ll need to bring down the forcefield. You’ll find a security access panel large enough for the head at the top of the room on the right hand side. Simply fly up, remove the panel and go inside.

After you deactivate the forcefield reposition the satellite until the bar on the control panel fills up to green.

For some of the security panels you’ll need an orange security droid to get through the door, so be sure to keep one alive for when you need to get through an orange door. Additionally, some security bots will spawn from the droid stations and the best way to take them out is to shoot their heads off. It takes less time and avoids any prolonged firefights.

As you venture through the facility you’ll need to head through the area that requires a female head in order to unlock the tunnel that leads to the jet booster upgrade.

The objective is to get to the archives to learn more about Methuselah’s plans for the human race. In order to get to the archive you’ll need to unlock the three power locks. If you get behind the melee security drone you’ll be able to easily shoot his head off and take control of the body. You can use the wheeled security robot to access the orange security door.

There’s a complex series of steps you’ll need to go through in order to unlock the three security barriers, including having to first unlock the purple barrier by going into an adjacent room and disabling the barrier.

You’ll need to get to the Shepard charging station by taking over one of the security drone’s bodies and then lowering the lift and putting the body onto the teleporter so you can reach the charging station.

Getting to the archives room is a cumbersome task, to shutdown the power to each of the laser beams but the video series how to accomplish the task for each one.

While the game itself isn’t very long, the puzzles can be exceptionally tedious.

By the time you get to the archives you’ll have to participate in the gladiatorial Grid Clash games. You’ll need to download the data from each of the corresponding archives using a specific robot body. You can see how to complete the segment with the video below.

You’ll need to grab the corresponding bodies and download the data from the proper archive doors and take the data to the upload rooms across from the download rooms. After downloading the data to the pawn and uploading it to the broadcast, you’ll need to head into the arena and grab a proper body and then download the data from the download room and then upload it using the proper body.

It’s tedious but just remember you need pawns to download the data first. The black download station is on the right side of the arena while the upload station is on the left side. You can get a black pawn, a bishop and other bodies from the staging areas from either side of the arena.

Headlander is available right now for PC and the PlayStation 4. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.


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