Headlander, Double Fine’s Platformer Launches July 26th For PS4, PC

Double Fine Productions’ Headlander, the side-scrolling, puzzle and platformer will launch on July 26th at the end of the month. The game managed to get a good bit of exposure during its announcement at year’s E3, where the adventure title revealed that the disembodied protagonists, who are astronauts, will have to make their way through game as heads with rocket-propelled helmets.

The game centers around some of the body-less astronauts awakening to find themselves in a seemingly peaceful utopia in space where everybody has exchanged their meat-bags for robotic automaton bodies. While there is no longer war, no more disease or ailments to deal with, the major problem is that there’s a giant evil robot head controlling things and making life a bit more miserable than what it should be in a space utopia.

Double Fine has themed the game after cheesy 1970s sci-fi flicks, completely with the technicolor themes and washed out palette. They have a story trailer that sets up the game world fairly decently that gives you an idea of what to expect from the game.

While the parts that were showcased at this year’s E3 looked like a typical, moderately paced puzzle-platformer, the parts we see in action in the trailer above makes it seem like it’s a bullet-hell, frenetic action-shooter.

If they can find a decent balance between those two concepts than Headlander might turn out to be a pretty cool game.

I also wonder if the actual gameplay will feature the gauzy 1970s film filter? That would be a nice touch.

Details on the actual gameplay and the length are not really discussed. We don’t know the extent of the gameplay mechanics other than that it’s possibly to fly around as a head and land on different bodies by knocking their heads off and taking control of them. Different robots will have different abilities, but again we have no idea what those abilities are like. I imagine before the game fully releases we’ll see like some sort of gameplay mechanics trailer that goes into more depth about what you can do.

In the meantime, you won’t have to wait long for Headlander to launch for PS4 and PC, apparently they didn’t misuse whatever budget they had in order to hit the July 26th release date. You can learn more about Headlander by visiting the official website.


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