Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox Lets You Build Your Own Furniture

The Stork Burnt Down released their latest in physics-based tomfoolery called Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox. The wacky title lets gamers create their own furniture from scratch.

Featuring 30 pieces of constructable furniture and countless combinations, Home Improvisation is as much about creativity as it is building up a house and decorating it with some snazzy accoutrements.

You can check out the launch trailer below, which gives you a glimmer of hope for building the furniture the right way around at least within your first 20 tries. Check it out.

I’m usually not too fond of the physics-based games where you just kind of waddle around with a flailing character or pieces of equipment just to laugh at the absurdity – that kind of stuff is fun for five minutes but usually gets boring real quick. Here, however, there’s an actual goal and a bit of a purpose to the zaniness centered around this physics-based title and I think it works.

There’s a virtual reality component as well, along with both online and local multiplayer co-op play, so others can help you decorate the rooms and build furniture while you’re visually tucked away behind the HTC Vive.

The game’s multiplayer supports up to four people in total, whether they’re playing locally or online. Just make sure you have enough controllers for everybody.

There are five different tools to use and Steam Workshop support so you can share you monstrosities or your beautiful works of art with the rest of the world. I can already imagine what kind of mods will fill out the Workshop pages. Prepare for Garry’s Mod 2.0-style submissions.

While majority of the user reviews are positive, some of the complaints for the game are that it has unintuitive controls and spatial perspective issues that prevent it from being as user-friendly as it could be. The complaints center around the fact that the controls handle similar to other free-form physics-based games such as Surgeon Simulator, Deputy Dangle and I am Bread. If you don’t mind fighting with the controls and enjoy the chaos that ensues, then you may enjoy Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox.

You can learn more about the game or pick up a copy by visiting the official website. Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox is available for only $9.99.