I Am Setsuna Gameplay Walkthrough
I am Setsuna

Tokyo RPG Factory’s I am Setsuna has been making its way through the consumer market for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The JRPG is an isometric title that’s in 3D, and it features active time battles, beautiful graphics, amazing music and a decent sized story housing more than 13 hours worth of gameplay. There is a gameplay walkthrough available for I am Setsuna, covering the start of the game all the way up to the end boss.

If you find yourself having trouble getting through any of the quests or boss fights, YouTuber Shirrako has a full 14 video series available that you can check out that covers the game from start to finish.

The game starts off explaining how players can engage enemies, going head-on or getting a battle advantage by sneaking up behind them. The active time battle gauge is identical to Chrono Trigger, so you’ll have to think fast on your feet as you battle your foes. The battle music is very similar to the tunes from Chrono Trigger.

Unlike Chrono Trigger, there are layers of combat mechanics in I Am Setsuna, such as the spiritnite, which comes in two different forms: active and passive, also known as command and support. Support spiritnite works as automatically during battle when equipped, where-as command spirtnite must be activated during combat from the tech menu.

Another new combat feature in I am Setsuna is the Momentum Mode. After the ATB meter fills up and you perform an attack or get get hit, the SP power gauge will begin to fill up as well. Once it’s full you’ll get 1 SP point. The bar can refill a maximum of two more times, making a total of 3 SP points available for your disposal. These points can go toward momentum mode to increase or power-up skills, techs or attacks. Use the Square button (or ‘X’ if you’re using an Xbox controller) to activate the Momentum mode.

I am Setsuna

After getting more team members added to the party you’ll be able to use tag-team techs between party members. Wait for the active battle gauges to fill up to the top and then you can check the tech menu to see what’s available for the corresponding members to use against their foes.

In the first major boss fight of the game against Whitewind, after Aeterna and Setsuna join the party, you’ll want to keep your party healed. Whoever gets the brunt of the attack in the fight needs to be healed first. Whitewind isn’t terribly hard but if you fail to keep Aeterna or Endir healed, it’s easy to fall into peril.

As you venture through the game and add more party members to the stable you’ll be able to switch and swap them out before battle. Different team members have different tech combos and attacks, so you’ll need to experiment with different combinations to find a party setup that best suits your play-style.

I Am Setsuna

For the Samsara final boss, you can actually weaken it first by fighting all of the other monoliths around the boss area. Simply walk up to them and engage them. You’ll also learn more about the sacrificial process and how each of the monsters the team faces leading up to the final boss has had an effect on the party members.

By defeating the monsters around the area of Samsara you’ll destroy some of his defenses and attack strength, making the final fight a lot easier. There are four black monoliths that represent bosses you need to destroy.

After defeating the four bosses You’ll be able to take on the final boss. You can see some of ht etactics employed for battling Samsara at the 19 minute mark in the video below.
The boss hits hard with every attack, and a lot of defensive and attack buffs are used throughout the battle to keep the team capable to withstand Samsara’s attacks. Even with the defensive buffs he still hits hard. You’ll just need to remember to keep the MP up throughout the battle since you’ll need to keep healing your teammates constantly.

The final boss is actually against the “Youth”. It’s not a real boss fight but it wraps up the story after Setsuna and Endir travel into the past to finish the fight for good.

Players will have a choice of killing Setsuna at the very end after she absorbs the Youth, resulting in an ending where it shows the outcome for each of the characters at the end of the game. No matter what Aeterna becomes one with the force.


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