Inside: Gameplay Story And Ending Explained

The game Inside has left a lot of people with a lot of questions regarding the story and the game’s ending. Playdead went with an intentionally vague plot for the game that has managed to create a lot of questions and intrigue from the gaming community. Well, some of those questions were answered directly in the game while others were hinted at within Inside’s E3 2016 trailer. This little guide will breakdown and explain both Inside’s story and its endings.

Players start the game as a nameless boy in a red shirt who stumbles into a forest that’s heavily guarded. He manages to avoid the patrols and ends up in a cornfield. In one of the game’s secret endings – if you can collect all of the glowing orbs in the game – you can access a hidden bunker. If you head into the bunker you can unlock the door by inserting the combination: Up, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right. You can check out the video below, courtesy of Brett Makedonski.

This will reveal a long hallway that leads to a room power supply room with a number of computer stations with a mind control device hooked up to a network. Disconnecting the power from the network will turn the boy in the red shirt into a zombie and the game will end.

If, however, you don’t shutdown the network, you will continue through the game and find out that the boy will head into the city where he witnesses a long line of zombies being led into a facility. There are still some guards and patrols, but they’re not as heavily armed as the ones on the outcrop of the city.

The zombies, however, are being mind-controlled and led into the massive series of compounds both above ground and deep below ground. The boy finds out that the zombies can be controlled by putting on the mind control helmets, the same ones from the computer room through the bunker that was underneath the cornfield.

The boy eventually makes his way into a submarine where he encounters a new threat, a siren… or a water wraith. He manages to escape from the sirens for a time and finds a number of captured zombies being used for mining work below the facility, where giant, deadly shock waves are being emitted. There was at one point a city there with cars and offices, but it was all flooded.

The boy manages to end up having to outrun more of the sirens but a platform he attempts to grab onto breaks and a siren grabs him, seemingly bringing him down into a watery grave, infecting him in the process. However, instead of killing him, the siren/water wraith, hooks him up to a mind-control plug where it stays attached to his chest until he reaches the bottom of the watery pit.

He wakes up and is able to swim indefinitely thanks to the siren, and the plug emitting the mind-control powers throughout his body enables him to control the zombies without requiring a mind control helmet.

The boy eventually ends up in another facility where he finds the zombies being experimented on in a lab. The zombies are suspended in a gravity well of water. The zombies, however, are not dead and are still animated.

The zombies can stay “alive” under water indefinitely, just like the boy after he was infected by the siren.

The boy frees the zombies and uses them to get further into the facility until he encounters an observatory like the one used in the E3 2016 promotional trailer that Playdead released during Microsoft’s Xbox press conference.

What’s inside the observatory is a large, pulsating, melded mash of zombie mass. Arms, legs, faces, feet, hands and a viscera of flesh are conjoined together and hooked up to a massive mind control machine.

The giant mind control machine works in conjunction with the shock wave machine, sending out a massive pulse wave to lure all the zombies to the facility.

The boy manages to break into the observatory and disconnects the zombie mass from the machine, but in the process of doing so, the hands absorb him into the mass and he becomes one with the viscera of flesh.

The giant, disturbing looking mound of zombie mass begins to wreck havoc within the facility, blasting through walls and killing some of the scientists in the process. It attempts to escape, using any means necessary to do so.

Inside - Image26

Some of the scientists appear to help the zombie mass, luring it into a dark room where it appears as if it could potentially escape, only it turns out to be a trap and the floor beneath the zombie mass opens up and it falls into a tube filled with water. The scientists believe they have the zombie mass trapped, but under the direction and wits of the boy still operating from within, the zombie flesh mass rips and tears at the wall to escape through a small grate.

However, the viscera of moving zombie parts has a short lived victory as it takes a nasty tumble down a steep cliff side, rolling and falling – losing pieces of itself along the way – until it comes to a calming halt on a sandy beach. The game’s credits roll as the flesh continues to softly pulsate starring off toward the rising sun.


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