King Of Fighters XIV Team China Trailer Mixes Classic And Bizarre Fighters

SNK Playmore released a new trailer for King of Fighters XIV featuring Team China. The trailer highlights Shun’ei, with his bombastic projectiles and supernatural abilities, Tung with his classic kung-fu, and the bizarre Meitenkun.

The trailer, like all the others for King of Fighters XIV, is short and to the point. It features two minutes of gameplay, with the first dozen seconds dedicated to the overall team, and the next set of segments highlighting each of the fighters. You can check it out below.

The first character from Team China that gets the spotlight is the young and brash Shun’ei. He’s like K9999 insofar that he has short bursts of powerful attacks and some hard hitting brute strikes.

Meeitenkun is another weird young character, constantly wanting to fall asleep while carrying around his pillow. He has some traditional martial arts moves, with a rather cool multi-kick dive attack, but a lot of his moves match his lazy persona. His specials are also lazy, with generic projectiles and blast attacks. However, he does have a decent combo attack for one of his supers that doesn’t look too bad.

Juxtaposing the strange and the lazy, Tung fu Rue brings back the classic martial arts that we’ve grown to love from the King of Fighters. He’s the only one on Team China in this year’s iteration of King of Fighters XIV that seems very serious and brings a lot of the classic strikes, movements and flow that we’ve come to love from wing chun, chi gung and striking forms of tai chi.

It’s a shame Tung didn’t have more serious teammates to make Team China look more legitimate, but I guess you take what you can get sometimes.

King of Fighters XIV is due to drop on the PlayStation 4 next month on August 23rd. Be sure to keep an eye out as more character and team trailers drop for the upcoming revival from SNK.


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