King Of Fighters XIV Team South America Trailer Released

SNK Playmore let loose another new trailer for the King of Fighters XIV. The newest promo piece covers Team South America, which is composed of three all new characters.

The first one they cover in the two minute trailer is Nelson, the brown-skinned fighter with a silver-tinted arm. The eccentric South American fighter has a left cyborg arm, covered with leopared colored boxing gloves with what appears to be a tire print on it. Crazy design, no doubt.

Nelson reminds me a lot of the Duck King from previous entries of the King of Fighters series. He doesn’t seem to be a very serious character but he has some okay sluggers with a neat counter-dodge into a super. You can check out the trailer below to see him in action.

The second one on the list is the wannabe ninja, Bandeiras. He looks pretty cool, like some kind of ninja bandit who forgot to put a shirt on.

This guy has some slick moves with a lot of quick combos and snappy hits not unlike the long forgotten ninja, Eiji.

His super special with the hand symbols is just hilarious. They did a great job with his designs and animations. He feels like he was one of the few new characters that was a passion project for the artists and animators.

Last but not least is Zarina, the happy-go-lucky fighter with a toucan on her shoulder. She reminds me of a cross between Laura from Street Fighter V and Christie from Tekken.

She has some really cool moves, but the freeze-frames on her combos slows everything down. It feels like we’re watching a slideshow instead of seeing the capoeira techniques being displayed in full. At least during her super specials the combos are executed in smooth succession. I kind of wish her normals were just as smooth.

The the Team South America – though as someone pointed out in the comment section of the video, it’s more like Team Brazil – looks okay. I think if we’re comparing them fighter for fighter, Laura is definitely the more interesting character compared to Zarina (especially since Laura pays homage to the Brazilian jiujitsu and the legendary Gracie family), where-as Zarina is like Yuri with a few more upside down kicks and a yellow getup.

Anyway, you can look to get your hands on Team South America when King of Fighters XIV launches for the PS4 on August 23rd next month.


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