King Of Fighters XIV Trailer Features Angel Motorboating Opponents

SNK released the latest trailer for King of Fighters XIV, and we now get to see why the ESRB listed what they did in the content descriptors for the game that described a female smothering her opponents in her breasts. It turns out to be Angel.

Gematsu spotted the new trailer and did a quick write-up about the three characters that make up for Team Mexico, led by King of Dinosaurs, who appears to be very similar to Tizoc, a wrestler from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

You can check out the trailer below, which kicks things off with the flirtatiously dangerous Angel.

They roll through her moves and some of her specials, where for the first time I finally get an idea of what her fighting style is like. I never knew she was supposed to have wrestling moves(?) All her previous appearances made it difficult to understand her fighting style.

However, here we get a clear backyard-wrestling, street fighting depiction of her moves, complete with a twirly elbow drop. The one thing that stands out the most, of course, is her super special that sees her knocking her opponent of their feet only to pick them up and motorboat their face in her chest. I just don’t see how that would hurt them… more than anything that should restore their life! It’s like a vitality potion made of cleavage. I guess the standing bulldog would hurt pretty bad, though.

King of Fighters XIV

Anyway, the trailer then moves on to the King of Dinosaurs. He executes a spinning German suplex, a jumping biting attack, and a completely over-the-top super special where he flies the opponent so far out of the arena that they smack (and break) the camera and then he drives them back down to the ground, crushing their back and head with his feet.

His moves are kind of funny, relying a lot on headbutts, and charge attacks as opposed to the traditional wrestling moves attached to a big man.

The trailer rounds out with a montage for Ramon, who gets a nifty collection of clips featuring him laying into his opponent with some cool neutrals and an arm-drag grab. His wrestling repertoire is actually very impressive, showcasing some very traditional middle-weight moves like body splashes and DDTs, along with dropkicks and his patented running off-the-wall flying elbow attack.

I used to play Ramon quite a bit from King of Fighters 2001 and King of Fighters 2002 because he had some really cool combos and his luchadore-style attacks made him light and fun to play.

He has improved combos, more moves than what he had 15 years ago, and plenty of really cool special attacks. His rolling DDT combo into the spinning leg takedown looks gorgeous. Props to the animators for putting some serious time into that.

To be honest, out of everyone on Team Mexico, Ramon looks like the most fun to play. He has a great moveset with some nice improvements over what he had in previous iterations of the game. You can look to get your hands on Team Mexico and every other team when The King of Fighters XIV launches on August 23rd for the PS4.


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