Max, An Autistic Journey Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Max, An Autistic Journey  is developed by Stéphane Cantin and published by GPAC Games. Max, An Autistic Journey is exactly what it sounds like, and follows the everyday journey of Max and how he views the world.

The thing is, the game is a retro 2D style RPG. The game reminds me a little bit of the SNES title Earthbound (Mother 2 for Japan) for its quirky humor, strange monsters and modern day RPG theme.

You, of course, will be playing Max, but the game has a variety of different events to make the game unique, ranging from classic turn-based combat, to adventuring, to solving a wide array of puzzles and mini games to keep you entertained.

max 2

There is a Frequently asked questions page on Steam Greenlight for Max, An Autistic Journey where the developer talked about making the game. In the quoted segment below, the developer explains his experience about working together with his autistic son to create the game from his son’s point of view and how that would play into the story and how the player experiences the game.

Q: How can this be an experience through the eyes of an autistic person if the one who made it is not?
“Max is my son. We worked together to create a game to raise awareness about autism by showing a typical day in his life, and the challenges “typical” things represent for him: getting dressed, going to school, dealing with noise and stimuli… Facing a bully… Max, an Autistic Journey is a labor of love and if I can help people better understand what ASD is, my job is done! We’re almost ready to launch, we just need YOU to take just a few moments to go vote the game up on Steam Greenlight. Help us help spread autism awareness and understanding.”

The publisher and development team released a gameplay video showcasing Max, An Autistic Journey and some of the content you will experience in the game, so I linked the video down below so that you can see how the game plays for yourself.

If you are interested in seeing Max, An Autistic Journey come to Steam, you can visit their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote and to find out additional information about the game.


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