N4G Users Worry About SJW Censorship
(Last Updated On: July 10, 2016)

Some users for the gaming news aggregator N4G have expressed concern over what some might consider to be “tone policing”. A couple of instances involving the use of the acronym “SJW”, which stands for Social Justice Warrior, has led to some comments being deemed as “Inappropriate” by the N4G moderation staff.

User Anthotis posted screenshots of a couple of comments that he made on an N4G article submission about visual novels and diversity. After posting up the comment he proceeded to edit it, and while editing it the comment was quickly flagged and blocked from public view under the “Inappropriate” tag. You can view the comment below.

Once Anthotis was done editing the comment and noticed it was flagged as “Inappropriate”, he responded to the comment chain, stating…

“The very second I posted this comment, it was flagged as inappropriate.”

Shortly after posting the response, that comment was also flagged as “Inappropriate”. Anthotis grabbed a screenshot where several minutes later the comment was hidden from view.

A final screenshot shows that less than two minutes after making his final comment, it too was also flagged as “Inappropriate”.

I did reach out to the administrator of N4G to ask if some comments are instantly flagged for using certain acronyms, and Christopher responded via Twitter stating…

Of course, if comments are manually flagged and moderated, then it means they’re being monitored quite heavily. This, of course, led to the next question of whether or not using “SJW” as an acronym would end up resulting in a comment being flagged by moderators.

Christopher responded saying that usage determines moderation flags, stating on Twitter…

Apparently using “Social Justice Warrior” as a pejorative could be labeled as offensive. Sites like Anime News Network have completely banned the use of the acronym “SJW” on their forum, and censor out the phrase “Social Justice Warrior” to prevent people from using it.

Nevertheless, I was directed to a couple of different individuals who have run into these issues before, one of whom pointed out that a comment was flagged as “Inappropriate” for calling someone a “judgmental SJW”. A screenshot of the comment can be viewed below.

This led me to ask a few other people exactly what their interactions have been like on N4G making comments about topics involving Social Justice Warriors, but many stated that they tried avoiding those topics altogether or limited their interactions with them to avoid coming under the thumb of the moderation team.

In two separate cases site owners stated that they tried avoiding any submissions centered around cultural issues affecting video games, opting to maintain a low profile to avoid being banned from the news aggregator.

Late last year in December the issue over SJWs came to a head when an interview involving developer Mark Kern was originally censored from running on N4G because it involved calling out SJWs. However, after a lot of public scrutiny and backlash, the administration team reinstated the interview. The topic was covered in depth by TechRaptor.

In the cases exhibited above, it appears as if using SJWs in a pejorative sense will net you a flag on N4G, so keep that in mind when commenting about potentially hot-button topics.

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  • LurkerJK

    It’s always sad to watch a site your use get infected with this censorship shit, best thing to do is leave early, there is no saving the site once you notice things like this

    • Olivia

      I agree, I hope it doesn’t happen to this site.

      • Funnily enough, this site was created in response to this very thing happening at other sites. As a gamer it was exhausting to see a lot of censorship, misinformation and news only about the same AAA titles over and over again.

        So OAG was kind of created to fill the void as a general news gaming site where indie and AAA titles get the same kind of treatment, and people can engage in flame wars if they want.

        • EinMugenTenshin

          You should consider teaming up with nichegamer then, you seem to share a common cause.

          • Well, we sometimes wade into legally dangerous territory and I’m fine being responsible for that, others aren’t often so willing to do so.

  • Bitterbear

    Hoo boy, look at that nosedive:


    • Yeah after Cat left, the universally loved admin, things just went downhill fast.

    • EinMugenTenshin

      I don’t get those numbers, are they going up or down? The graph is going down, but the number is increasing?

      • Bitterbear

        Yes, you can see the raw data but unfortunately it’s paywalled.

  • scemar

    the most important thing about censorship people in general should know is that they are not being told what they are not being told

    sounds funny doesn’t it?

    but the mere fact that people are being lied to and kept in the dark is the biggest thing they censor, and the most important thing people need to first accept before they can move on to figure out what exactly is being hidden from them

    good on anyone who starts waking up, keep it up

  • I wonder if they’re censoring the SJW term just because it’s “offensive” (like name-calling), OR because N4G has some sinister politically-correct feminist agenda to push?

    Christopher should have a word with his Mods if he values free speech.

    In fact, I seem to remember this person replying to me in a Disqus comments section last year on the issue that N4G had became suspicious and started pushing SJW crap, based on a screen-cap of a long forum post made by Christopher that was extremely SJW-esque. I even remember his Twitter username. The Disqus on it was probably on TRR.

    Anyway, SJWs have always been desperate to shed their SJW label, because by doing that it will make it seem as if their opinions are of the majority and from ‘normal’ people. It also stops dissenters from calling them out easily as well.

    Too bad for these pricks that they will forever be known as SJWs, no matter how hard they try to disassociate themselves from it.

    • scemar

      controlling language is one of the most basic SJW tactics

      removing words that can be used against them, creating new words they can use against others, changing the usage of words to fit their benefit, etc

      • LurkerJK

        Yeah, they love banning words, they often seem to be chosen at random, there are a lot of banned words in some sites

        i’m surprised they tell you about it, they usually just shadow ban you or the post

  • C G Saturation

    Yes, a bunch of places try to censor the term SJW. They claim it’s offensive. If there’s really nothing wrong with SJW, people should be able to figure that out on their own. Their actual agenda is clearly to suppress criticism of politically correct bullshit, to make it seem like opposition doesn’t exist.

    • Daredevil

      Comic book ressources does that a lot.

      • Horrorstorm

        Good God. That place is like an SJW hive.

    • lucben999

      I don’t think it’s a conscious agenda or a plan, just an emotional response, you would not believe how butthurt SJWs get when you call them SJWs, it pisses them off more than any racial or sexist slur.