Nurse Love Addiction, Lesbian Nurse Visual Novel Launches On Steam

Degica and Kogado Studio released their latest visual novel for PC gamers called Nurse Love Addiction. It’s a yuri tale about growing up, learning about society and finding a little bit of love… lesbian love.

The game was posted up recently over on the Steam store for $39.99 but you can get your hands on these lusty nurses coming into adulthood for only $33.99.

Players assume the role of Asuka Osachi, a young girl in training to become a nurse at the Teito Nursing School. She joins her fellow classmates in learning about medicinal treatments, proper patient care and a little bit of same-sex romance.

You can get a glimpse of what the art is like and some of the characters you’ll encounter along the way with the launch trailer below.

The store description breaks the gameplay information down to Nurse Love Addiction being about “adolescent girls on their way to adulthood”. That sounds like some loli-style stuff right there. However, they also depict the game as being like the show ER, which ran for quite some time on NBC.

The game sets up Asuka’s life and how she’ll spend the three years in nursing school with her friends (and potential lovers).

It’s impossible to tell exactly how long Nurse Love Addiction is because none of the user reviews have much time on the record. They’re all quite positive, many loving the lesbian nurse angle, but as far as the writing is concerned, the length of the visual novel is concerned, or the optional story paths are concerned, none of that is discussed in any great detail.

Nevertheless, if you’re into romance novels featuring young girls, a soft art-style and lots of opportunities to engage in budding relationships involving an all-girl school of nurses, you can grab a digital copy of Nurse Love Addiction right now from the Steam store.


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