Overwatch Patch Adds Ana, Buffs D. Va As A Tank

The PC patch for Blizzard’s Overwatch has gone live. It features a number of updates, additions, fixes, tweaks and character balances. The most significant part of the update is the fact that the character Ana has been added to the roster.

Over on the official Overwatch forums community manager Lylirra posted up a lengthy set of posts breaking down what sort of changes, updates and upgrades have arrived in Overwatch. Ana is highlighted as the most significant item on the list, the grandmother sniper is a long-range support character offering buffs such as health restoration and defenses from all the way across the arena.

Ana is equipped with what’s called a Biotic Rifle, enabling her to offer first-aid at a sniper’s distance.


One of her more effective weapons is a grenade that deals damage to enemies while healing teammates, and she has a sidearm that can put her foes to sleep during combat. The Nano Boost ultimate special enables all of Ana’s nearby teammates to get buffs with increased damage, speed and defenses.

You can check out Ana’s outfits, items, taunts and cosmetic items in the video below from Unit Lost to get an idea of what she can look like in the game and what sort of aesthetic features you can manipulate to your taste in gaming.

You can learn more about Ana by checking out her character profile page over on the official website.

In addition to Ana joining the roster, Blizzard also tweaked some of the other current playable characters in Overwatch, including making Zenyatta more useful on the battlefield by increasing his shield, increasing his primary weapon damage and increasing his alternate fire weapon damage.

D. Va also got a significant upgrade as a tank on the battlefield. Blizzard noticed most players weren’t picking her because they didn’t feel as if she was living up to the role as well as she should have, with the developer note stating…

“D.Va isn’t being selected as often as our other tanks, and we feel a lot of that stems from the underperformance of her damage absorption abilities. So, we’ve reconfigured her Defensive Matrix, making it more flexible and giving players the ability to use it more often. We’ve also given Self-Destruct a little more oomph, because it felt slightly underwhelming when compared to many of Overwatch’s other ultimate abilities.”

The update is available right now for PC and you can get the rest of the details over on the official Overwatch website. Expect the patch to launch soon for the Xbox One and PS4.


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