Overwatch’s Widowmaker SFM Model Returns To Garry’s Mod

A lot of gamers were absolutely in love with the characters Widowmaker and Tracer from Blizzard’s Overwatch, the new IP from the mega corporation. The characters were quickly and efficiently ripped from the Overwatch PC beta late last year and the models ended up on Garry’s Mod shortly thereafter. Unfortunately for modders and amateur Source Filmmaker auteurs in training, Blizzard had a legal intermediary to step in and issue DMCAs to have the models stripped off the web… until now.

You can’t keep a good modder down and that’s been the motto for a lot of the community over on Garry’s Mod. After the legal threats died down and the DMCAs turned vaporous, one modder managed to re-upload the original Widowmaker rip that was spread around briefly before Blizzard’s legal team had it taken down.

Steam Workshop user Zynth managed to re-upload the file, noting that the hair jiggles and so do the boobs…

“Before a bunch of Overwatch models were removed from the workshop due to a thirparty DMCA issue. Though after doing some reading it seems to be resolved and models are now being uploaded once more. I saw that there had yet to be a widowmaker one so here it is!”

It’s true that all the Widowmakers were wiped off the net. Tracer came back first and is currently available in both Garry’s Mod and the Source Filmmaker. But now that Widowmaker is back, expect for a lot of the fun to pick up where it last left off before the legal team stepped in to get all serious. A lot of it was because modders were using the Overwatch females, such as Tracer, Mei, Widowmaker and Mercy, in some very naughty animated movies.

In fact, searching up the characters could end up quickly bringing you to porn pages instead of the game pages. Blizzard quickly nipped that in the bud.

Other modders stepped in and offered rips for MMD, which is similar to Garry’s Mod but focuses on music videos.

Anyway, if you want to get your hands on Widowmaker, you can do so right now. The playermodel can be downloaded and used for either Garry’s Mod or the Source Filmmaker. Feel free to grab it before it disappears by heading to the Steam Workshop page.