PBS Game/Show Has Officially Ended

The PBS experiment on YouTube called Game/Show, hosted by Jamin Warren, has officially closed up shop. After more than 130 episodes and a lot of controversial comments and themes covered, the show is wrapping up and going out into the digital pastures to lay down and become a historical mark on YouTube that was once a very thrifty experiment by PBS.

The channel saying “goodbye” was done with a minute long video showing a few clips and calling it a day. Kotaku In Action caught wind of the video that was posted at the end of June, which seems to have flown well under the radar.

It seems very similar to when Rev3 ended up biting the dust a couple of years ago, silently fading out into the ether like a choked whisper from brittle old man.

The content on the site delved mostly into conversations about sociopolitical topics. Yes, the same sort of topics a lot of gamers have been trying to get away from.

[Update 7/6/2016: It was also pointed out that Jamin Warren is the founder of the culture site Kill Screen, which oftentimes comes under fire for its attacks on gaming. Kill Screen also had a few members from the Game Journo Pros on the writing staff, including Ryan Kuo and Chris Dahlen, as reported by Breitbart. ]

The Game/Show series came bursting onto the scene back in 2013 with hot-button topics like discussing if Master Chief from Halo were gay…

…they also did controversial topics covering things like Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency, asking if the controversies surrounding GTA V warranted the necessity of [mostly uninformed] cultural critics to criticize and censure games.

Suffice it to say, many of these kind of videos were not very well liked.

Nevertheless, Warren and crew kept picking at the scabs, furthering the narratives that were repeated amongst those on the websites operated by the Game Journo Pros. Eventually the audience’s tolerance for the narrative propaganda began to wear thin and their uneasy acceptance of the show’s message turned into outright irritation.

On the “Goodbye” video, some of the top comments are from users like John Wilkison, who stated…

“Don’t let the door hit you. You have been doing nothing but pushing irrational dogma when people just want to learn about video games.”

Others like CapnHolic didn’t hold back, stating…

“How’d that whole putting identity politics in gaming thing work out for you? Ohhhh………..”

Game/Show PBS

Mike Hatley also had no sympathy to spare, writing…

“Thanks for making gaming worse. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Not everyone was glad to see Warren go, and not everyone was disappointed with the narrative driven structure of the content. Some people like David Rahn enjoyed Game/Show, stating…

“I’ve been here since the beginning and I’m very sad to see it go. I hope Jamin can find somewhere we can all follow him to and continue the great discussions (besides the comment section) that we’ve all enjoyed here for the last two years.”

There are a few sprinkles of comments commending Warren and the topics covered by the channel, but the vast majority of comments are glad to see the channel go. As Turtoi Radu stated…

“One less cancerous Youtuber to pollute our beloved medium! Such great news!”

PBS apparently tried to experiment with indoctrinating gamers with ideas about social and identity politics through the YouTube sub-culture, but most audience members were able to see through the facade.

A lot of the misinformation and misrepresentation presented through the channel about game culture was quickly and vehemently dismissed by most gamers.

In the marketplace of free ideas, this particular experiment from PBS failed to provide the gaming community with the one commodity they appreciate more than anything else: honesty and common sense.


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