Persona 5 Gains Over 20 Minutes Of Video Showing Gameplay And Cut-Scenes

Warning: Spoilers are ahead. If you do not want to see anything pertaining to Persona 5 and its story, character introductions, or choices that are throughout the game, I do advise that you turn back and wait until next year to experience Atlus’ game spoiler free. However, if you don’t mind, two videos show over 20 minutes of gameplay and cut-scenes of Persona 5.

Now that the spoiler warning is out of the way, there are two videos showing off various scenes in the next installment of P5. One of the videos is in Japanese, but sports subtitles for folks to read.

The videos are from Dominationkid w. and JohneAwesome, which the latter goes over Atlus’ live-stream event from Tokyo. I should note that JohneAwesome’s video is heavy on spoilers and holds more information than the first video by Dominationkid w., who sticks to showing actual gameplay.

A lot of the stuff shown and talked about is very direct, so be careful when watching and listening through if you are split on spoiling yourself to the large amounts of info dropped.

In addition to the info being direct, it isn’t in-depth. So we get a lot of information like dating, fishing, traveling and so on, but none of it really spills the beans. So I guess we will have to wait until more info regarding these things are dropped at the Tokyo Game Show.

But enough on that stuff. The video by Dominationkid w. can be seen below, which covers actual in-game footage of the beginning.

The second video is by YouTuber JohneAwesome. In my opinion, this video is more content revealing than the one above. Giving his analysis of the game and the event, you can check out his video below.

Persona 5 is set to come out for PS3 and PS4 on September 15th in Japan. North America will also receive the game, but next year on February 14th. As of now, Europe has no set release date but will be published by Deep Silver.


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