Playboy Gaming Will Continue Despite Layoffs

A former editor at Playboy Gaming tweeted out that he had been laid off. This led to rampant speculation that the entire gaming section at Playboy had been shutdown, both at the magazine and the digital portal. However, Playboy has confirmed that they’re just reorganizing.

News originally spread after Twitter user Captain Privilege tweeted out the following message containing images from former Playboy Gaming editor, Mike Rougeau who stated…

“This week Playboy laid a bunch of people off, including me. Which means I’m finally going to finish The Witcher 3, so it’s not all bad.”

You can see the tweet below.

Kotaku In Action picked up the tweet and had some fun at the expense of Playboy’s focus on fewer nude females and more social justice issues.

Destructoid writer Jed Whitaker insinuated in his tweet that the digital team’s layoff at Playboy may have been in relation to them shutting down their gaming department. However, after reaching out to the organization that celebrates the female form in pictorials and editorials, one of Playboy’s reps stated that they were not shutting down the gaming section, but consolidating staffs across the magazine and digital platforms…

“[…] we have combined our and Playboy magazine staffs, which resulted in some layoffs, we are still committed to the coverage of gaming on both platforms”

The number of layoffs from both divisions weren’t revealed, although this does put to rest the speculation as to whether or not the gaming division at Playboy will continue.

Previously, Playboy announced that they would be eliminating the nudes from the magazine back in late 2015, according to CNN. The magazine stated…

“Yes, we’re taking a risk by going non-nude,” […] “but this is a company—like all great companies—that has risk in its DNA”

With the elimination of the nudes and a focus on more “Social Justice” issues in the gaming department, there were some groups of readers who were left with a sour taste in their mouth, especially when Playboy was one of the culprits who followed in Kotak’s footsteps to misreport about Nintendo and the Alison Rapp situation, which misinformed readers about why she was actually fired. Mike Rougeau was responsible for publishing the article, which managed to get aggregated by other websites who also followed suit in misreporting based on Playboy and Kotaku.

Previously, Mike Rougeau was a writer at Kotaku and was also a former member of the secret cabal known as the Game Journo Pros, as reported by Breitbart.

Rougeau’s stint at Playboy only lasted a year and three months.

No word yet on how Playboy will reorganize moving forward but they’ve dwindled down staff at both the printed publication and the on the digital front.


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