Quake Champions’ Skills Video Has Some Saying It’s An Overwatch Clone

Tim Willits, the studio direct at id Software took center stage in a new developer diary to discuss the abilities and skills of the champions in Quake Champions. The video covers the abilities for four of the main characters that they’ve revealed so far, including Rangar, Visor, Nyx and Scalebearer.

For the Ranger, Willits explains that he has a Dire Orb ability, which allows him to teleport around the arena. It’s an upgrade based on one of the special stage events that occurred during the boss fight at the end of Quake I.

For the character Visor, Willits explains that he’s brought back from Quake III: Arena, and his active ability is Piercing Eye, which allows him to see through walls and snipe enemies. You can see these abilities and how they’re conceptually portrayed with the video below.

Nyx has the ability to phase in and out, not unlike Tracer from Blizzard’s Overwatch. This ability gives her an upperhand when facing off against some enemies, allowing her to avoid receiving direct damage.

The last of the four revealed characters is Scalebearer and he has the ability to use Bullrush, where he can clobber down and trample over opponents.

The response from the video hasn’t been the most positive. A lot of the YouTube comments are saying it doesn’t really sound like classic Quake and that it’s too close to Overwatch due to the Champion abilities. The like and dislike ratio seems to reinforce that point.

A certain Tobias Jandera joked….

Ok. Pushes Quake Champions aside Now where is the real Quake?

Some of the comments broke out into an argument saying that Overwatch is actually a copycat of Quake, while a user named Brendan Harte made a quick comparison explaining how Quake Champions is the copycat, writing…

“quake is an overwatch copy all of those “champions are pretty much identical to Overwatch heroes except the first one the dude said see visor is just a reskin of widow maker with her infra-sight and nix is tracer with a better hair do and the last one is a mix of Reinhardt and Roadhog”

Some users claimed that Quake Champions isn’t a copycat at all but just the natural evolution of what Valve introduced with Team Fortress 2, and that people shouldn’t be comparing Quake Champions with Overwatch. P4INKiller curtly tried to explain where the negativity was coming from, writing…

“When people throw around these comparisons, they’re not saying “This game copied this other game”, they’re saying “We don’t want the stuff from the other game, in this one”. It’s really not that hard to figure out, “idiot”

I think part of it is that a lot of people see that Overwatch works well enough for what it is. Trying to broach that sub-genre as an FPS is inevitably going to have some people shouting out comparisons between the two.

Making the game distinctive and completely separate in tone and play-style can certainly help, it’s the main reason why no one compares Overwatch to Battlefield 1 despite both of them being first-person shooters.

Basically, id Software is going to have to work hard to prove that Quake Champions stands above and apart from what Blizzard has done with Overwatch, otherwise the comparisons will keep being made and some long-time Quake fans will continue to maintain frustrations with the new title.


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