Review Report: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Has Lots Of Censorship Sympathizers
(Last Updated On: July 3, 2016)

Atlus and Nintendo’s Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for the Nintendo Wii U is a pseudo crossover game featuring light elements from Fire Emblem and the Shin Megami Tensei series. It’s a niche game designed for a niche audience in mind, and most gamers are calling it a decent entry as a Persona spin-off with a strong focus on Japanese idol culture and the pop music scene.

Players will take on monsters as a group of idol wannabes, battling against evil forces from another dimension who are trying to steal the energy of Japan’s pop stars. There are a variety of weapons to acquire, items to use, and clothing attire to equip.

You can see a basic gameplay trailer for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE below to get an idea of what the game is like.

The game features turn based party battles, lots of J-Pop music, and plenty of Japanese-centric cultural references. There is no English dub this time around, only English subtitles with Japanese voice-overs. This decision was met with some mixed results by some gamers, a few of who felt as if it was difficult to get into the game due to the Japanese-only voices.

On Metacritic HardeesEom points out that not every scene has English subtitles, leaving some gamers scrambling to understand what’s being said….

“Its a playable game but the localization team should be fired as theres a bunch of dialogue that you cannot understand due to lack of subs. Where did this game go wrong?”

TacoCowboy14 also chimed in about the lack of subtitles during battle scenes, where characters speak in Japanese but it isn’t translated, stating…

“Most of what your characters say in battle is not subbed, I know a little Japanese though and most of it seems unimportant,


“In my opinion the Pros of this game outweigh the Cons of this game and I’d recommend it for people who are a fan of RPG’s or anyone looking to try something different.


“Some of the Fan-Service in this game was censored when it was localized from Japan so if the bothers you then you may want to skip this game.”

Lazy_Fish also commented about preferring English voice overs, and made note that the animations were sometimes choppy in places (an issue that was repeated a couple of times in other reviews by other users as well), but enjoyed most of the game save for the fact that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE suffers from some heavy censorship, writing…

“It made me a upset that they didn’t get English voice actors for this game. Id much rather have English than Japanese so I can understand it easier. This may leave most who don’t know a thing about Japanese confused on how the pacing of songs or dialogue goes. Censorship made some laughably bad changes, such as changing a wedding dress to be completely covered. The changes seem unnecessary and the game would be great without them”

On Amazon sourmilkandcereal had mostly nothing but praise to shower on Atlus for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, saying that the story is “dumb fun” and that it has a three-person party limit similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, but with the button layout and skills setup similar to Shin Megami Tensei 4. He also explains that the crafting system is similar to Strange Journey and that the difficulty of the game can changed at any time. Others also noted that the game is about 80% Persona and 20% Fire Emblem.

Sourmilkandcereal took a different approach to the translation debate, saying that it was fine if you prefer dubs, and also brushed over the censorship issue by saying that gamers should just seek to have fun…

“The lack of English dub isn’t too bad either if you ask me a game heavily based on JPOP and Japanese idol culture wouldn’t translate well with a dub. And keep in mind I prefer dubs.


“I played bad games before and this is most certainly not a a bad game. Honestly I don’t get the negativity behind it. Did people just forgot to have FUN with games? Cause I dunno about you but I like to have fun because fun is fun. And this game is mostly certainly fun. It’s not perfect”

Michael, on Amazon, also didn’t mind the censorship too much, encouraging people to give the game a chance because he claims it’s a fun music-rhythm JRPG that focuses more heavily on the Persona side than the Fire Emblem side, but is fun nonetheless…

“I hear a lot of people are up in arms because there’s censorship by Nintendo. There was some Hot Springs DLC in Japan with everybody in bathing suits that’s completely gone. Bikini tops are less revealing throughout the game. I think the core game is here and I’m didn’t come for fan-service so I’m ok with what I got. And it’s weird to me because they didn’t take out all the cleavage. I think the changes to the second level dungeon take away from the meaning, but other than that I’m not sure if I mind.


“To me it’s an rpg with an interesting story. The premises of bad guys stealing pop energy isn’t deep, but it’s fun. The battle system is great. The dungeon level design is ok. The cut scenes and overall style is great. I’m enjoying it and it’s interesting enough that I think it will stay fresh for the whole game.”

Phantom also echoed many of the other customers, stating that the game is fun and that he’s more than 50 hours into the game…

“This game is so over the top and ridiculous. The acrobatics, the music, the art, the stories and the gameplay are incredible. This story is a great change of pace from your traditional recycled stories from games in the same genre. You will randomly laugh throughout the game.


“I’m 52 hours in the game and I’m still loving it. Just when you think you’ve gotten accustomed to the gameplay, a new mechanic comes into play. This keeps the game fresh and entertaining.”


J. Steele also rated the game five out of five stars, attempting to dissuade anyone from forfeiting a purchase because they have principles against censorship, writing…

“First thing first, Don’t give in to the censorship hate that is floating around with this game as what was changed will not impact the game at all. These changes are cosmetic for a few characters (basically they added some extra clothing for a couple of outfits), along with making the US characters older (18 vs 16) due to the age of consent laws.


“As for the game, I am hooked. I have been playing non-stop since I bought it on a whim.”

Bianca calls the anti-censorship groups “dummies”, writing…

“People bitching about the censorship are dummies, all we’re missing here is some underaged cleavage (and only some of it, there’s still plenty left in if that’s your thing). Bottom line, this is what games are supposed to be – FUN!!! Stop reading reviews and just get it.”

Brandon Thaxton also shrugged off the censorship issues, saying the game was fun enough and the turn-based system works well…

“Censorship is not an issue, to be honest, they still show plenty for you people who like that kind of stuff. Besides that, the gameplay is great and the visuals are good as well. I am very happy that the turn based battle system works so well.”

Neonstars768 from Metacritic also advised people to ignore the issues of censorship, saying it was just /v/ from the chan boards who were angry…

“Ignore the 0 scores. Its just /v/ trying to bring the game down cause they can’t look at anime girl boobs. Even so, The game is pretty good but not perfect.”

Elkdaddy also advised people to ignore the complaints about censorship and support the game for being so well polished, writing…

“Ignore bad reviews about censorship, there is none and the game feels like a more polished then persona 4. Only bad thing is some of the animations take forever to play, but that’s not enough to take off a point.”

AlucardVonHell also had some unpleasant words for the people who care about their games being censored, writing…

“If you cared more about the censorship, than the game, then go play something else, as this game is enjoyable to both FE/SMT fans, and those new to the series, but who love JRPG’s, not players who care more about censorship.”

Blester gave the game a 10 out of 10 as a way to fight back against the 0 out of 10s being handed out for the censorship, stating…

“Seriously, at this point, you shouldn’t trust the user review section when anybody can dislike the game at will. The game is good, but people are just disliking it because it was localized, and they had to to cover some revealing outfit for some characters and now they are angry and calling it censorship.”

Chinesecartoons nearly hinges on the verge of stating that it’s not censorship at all, and that it was just a bunch of “bottomblasted kids from 4chan” trying to stir up a situation, writing…

“Surprisingly enough, if you’re into cheap and blatant japanese fanservice, full of out-of-place pantsushots and other Senran Kagura’s like garbage – this one might be not quite your choice, since the game, despite its thematics, remains pretty modest and light about those kind of things, even without censorship. Speaking of which, censorship in the game is completely not important. It is not affecting the gameplay or story by any means. Sometimes its weird, sure, but its not a dealbreaker in the slightest.”

Gezcoh tops it off by stating that anyone concerned about the censorship should probably just go play a hentai game, writing…

“I hate metacritic because it gives the possibility to the idiots to destroy a game becouse of silly things. Do you want more boobs? Play an Hetai visual novel. Do you want to play a great Jrpg from a great Software House? Then go play Tokyo mirage sessions and ignore trolls”

Richard_chronos felt the game was a “blast” to play, and was one of the few people who suggested getting the game used if the censorship issues are a problem for you…

“Yes it was censored but not a big deal to be honest, you can always get it second hand if you don’t feel like paying full price.”

There are a few people across the board who did not like that the game was censored. There were the typical 0 out of 10 votes of no confidence from those who are staunchly anti-censorship, and then there are a lot of positive, five out of five and 10 out of 10 review scores with people clearly sympathizing with the censorship choices because they feel as if Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a fun game.

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  • TT

    See here’s the thing with me on censorship: Imagine if a game like the original DOOM had the violence toned down…actually that happened, Nintendo did that, but imagine if the game removed the blood, some weapons, and altered sprites so they look more, for lack of a better word, “E for everyone”. Mainly things you could call “cosmetic” in nature. Sure, the core game is there, and it’s still good…but removing those things takes away from what the game was, it kills the atmosphere.

    Now imagine them doing that to the new DOOM, sure, it’s blood, sure it’s toned down to appeal to more people, and sure, the gameplay is more or less the same, but it also kills alot of what makes DOOM, DOOM.

    And lately NoA has done:
    -remove optional gameplay mechanics
    -remove options in character creators
    -remove or alter costumes
    -remove optional sidequests
    -remove certain DLC
    -remove or alter story
    -remove or alter art
    -limit games to digital only, which can be a nuisance for wii u owners
    -very, very lazy and inaccurate translations

    and so on. Keep in mind, they did most of this in a very half-assed way, and often to a nonsensical degree. I love Nintendo and all, but I refuse to spend money if they are going to do pointless and annoying things like this. God forbid if kids see virtual gurls in bikinis.

    • >[…] sprites so they look more, for lack of a better word, “E for everyone” […]

      And, starting today, Imps shall henceforth be known as “tickle fairies.”

  • Ricardo Lima

    So much idiocy. A mix of blind worship to a franchise and Sjw apologism.

  • Shelly the kid


    Is Nintendo becoming the new Isis of gaming?

    They didn’t censor this much before 9/11…….



    I don’t… Umm? Not my intension to say this. But…. Is America doomed, guys?

    • But…. Is America doomed, guys?

      • Shelly the kid

        The sad thing about it is that I grew up with Sony first and ironically I brought my first Nintendo console with the Wii being my first. (This was before the Wii U was even a thing.) My first Nintendo handhelds are GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and New Nintendo 3DS XL.

        What a horrible life I’ve been living in? lol

        Also, I saw that movie on Netflix a few years back…. OH SHIT!

        • You need to go old-school, get up in that N64 action. Legitimately, that is still one of the best home consoles out there and is a blast to play. Get a revised version of No Mercy, Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64 and you’ll be set for life.

          I can’t believe Nintendo has fallen so far from grace since those days. Part of me wishes that the NX will be like a N64 for this new generation, but the realist in me knows that the NX will be closer to the likes of the Wii U. Also, your first Ninty console being a Wii? Though luck, kid.

          • Eh, Mario

            I’m thinking more along the lines of GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, F-Zero X, Wave Race 64, Hydro Thunder, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, games like those.

          • I know it’s blasphemous to say, but I really didn’t like GoldenEye 007 that much. The stages were a little too big and too empty and it was tough finding the objectives in some of the stages. Perfect Dark was definitely the better game.

            But you’re right about Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, I would also throw Shadows of the Empire in there… that was a cool game. Winback was also really fun.

            And yeah, Wave Race 64… that was a must-own. Diddy Kong Racing wasn’t bad either. Heck, most of the N64 library was pretty badass… it was really hard to go wrong on that system.

          • Shelly the kid

            Ikr? I was born in 93 and the first console that I brought that wasn’t a Nintendo console was the PS1.

            I’m so old school that I never got a Nintendo based console until the seven gen.


  • MusouTensei

    Disgusting, fuck Nintendo fanboys, glad I’m not one of them anymore.

  • Stormwatch

    Anyone who sides with censorship deserves a beating with a steel pipe.

  • Arbitrary

    I do not have an ounce of respect for people who don’t care about censorship because they JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN.

    Go giggle at shiny objects, you fucking cretins.

  • Tempest

    No, no, no, no, no. They are not going to trick me with their shillery. A game designed for japanese audience themselves bombed because that audience found it insulting. Western audience who speak positive about it are lying that the target audience will like it. It’s already contradicting factual data from japan.

  • Smug

    “Did people just forgot to have FUN with games? Cause I dunno about you but I like to have fun because fun is fun. And this game is mostly certainly fun.”
    muh fun

    “along with making the US characters older (18 vs 16) due to the age of consent laws”
    >’age of consent’ in a game that doesnt feature sex

    • Robot Maid

      Also, they’re Japanese characters in Japan doing Japanese things.

      Also, age of consent isn’t consistently 18 in either Japan or US. In US, it can be as low as 16 depending on your state.

  • Mike Campbell

    Ffs why do you care so much,it’s still a fun game so why are so you complaining about them because they do care about it like you

    • LurkerJK

      You know when you ask for a pizza with olives and it comes back with just cheese and all the holes where the olives used to be ?

      You cannot help but to wonder wtf is going here, did someone put their hands on my pizza ? they they spit on it ? they the lick it or anything else ?

      Hey its still a perfectly good plain cheese pizza right ? someone might have put their dick in it but you can still enjoy the cheese just try not to think about the dick

    • scemar

      because they care about videogames

      and if you care about a medium, you want it to be free
      if you want it to be free, you don’t want it to be censored
      and if you don’t want it to be censored, you’d be against all cases of censorship

      • Mike Campbell

        But it doesn’t effect the gameplay why you can’t just be happy that it’s still good even though the changes were unnecessary and they have a uncensored patch

        • Slippery slope.

          We keep seeing them calling for more and more censorship, and while it started with big boobs and sexy outfits, it’s now spread to cleavage (i.e., Google and Apple even came down on a mobile app dev telling them to cover up the women’s legs and cleavage area).

          It’s to the point now where wedding dresses have to be censored. I mean, really? You see more cleavage from Taylor Swift and the only things on her chest are bee stings.

          Lately there’s been a call to censor gun violence in games as well. This whole thing of “Well if it doesn’t affect the gameplay” argument is pretty dumb. A lot of stuff doesn’t directly affect the gameplay but the aesthetics, visuals and atmosphere CAN affect how you enjoy and engage the gameplay.

          Sure the graphical fidelity of Crysis didn’t always directly affect the gameplay, but it was a large part of what made it immersive. Censoring or removing that content would have stripped away a great deal of that game’s identity.

          In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE case, it’s not so much that the gameplay was affected, but that the atmospheric and visual identity of the game was affected.

          • Mike Campbell

            It’s just fanservice and people mostly hate pointless fanservice in games/anime and it’s minor, and nobody likes idol culture outside Japan

          • scemar

            that argument can be used to censor many many things, and the pro censorship mindset it promotes leads to many things being censored, a lack of respect for freedom, a lack of appreciation for it, leads directly to strong censorship in a medium and a very repressive status quo which stiffles all forms of creativity and ensures the medium serves no one

          • Jim

            Now you’re a damned retard. It really is ignorant people like you that allow this censoring garbage to happen. Let me explain it to you – point – by -point.

            1. Did you watch the Censored Gaming videos on that page? If you did, you would know that a title like this is directly referencing Idol and Japanese culture directly. It’s not something that translates well to the Western market since the closest thing, at least in the mainstream, would be fashion modeling or pop singers. However, Idol culture is different from their Western equivalent, both in very obvious and subtle ways that needs to be seen or listened to in order to understand, and even then requires some further reading from 3rd parties to fully understand. Imports like this allow people from other cultures to get a sense of what that culture is or what it can bring.

            To take that away by scrubbing it of references would not give a full picture of what people within that culture do. You deny others from experiencing other peoples world view and expanding the knowledge and mind of your audience. Yes, this game is not a documentary and you can go to other sites for that, but even a filtered lens for entertainment is still better than nothing.

            2. The vast majority of gamers the world over are over 18 with the general demographic being in their early to mid 30’s here in the U.S. I.E. people who have played video games since the days of the original NES. Even the younger generation are mostly over 18. (Those under 18 are usually grabbing onto social media than gaming.) Gamers could enjoy this title uncut, with only the occasional fanservice or controversial points coming up and would (hopefully) react like the mature responsible people they are. Even young people could understand and enjoy the game, even if they were to react immaturely to the sexy bits.

            And it’s not like the game is so sexual that it needs to be censored. You can see up someone’s skirt or see some cleavage, big whoop. I own Senran Kagura: Estival Versus and that game wasn’t banned or censored here in the U.S. (The YouTube reactions are priceless and shows some people are just real prudes.) Hell, I can go to XHamster to really see some freaky shit. I can only thing on this level that Nintendo is trying to keep their “Family Friendly” image, meanwhile the Xbox and PS4 is outselling the Wii U like crazy, mostly because of the better titles that are aimed at adults.

            3. This game is for a really niche audience, namely Otaku’s and Weaboo’s. Think about it for a second. It’s a game that’s a crossover of the Persona and Fire Emblem series, it’s a JRPG, it’s a rhythm style game, is stylized as Japanese Anime throughout, it’s about JPop Idols, and has no English dub voice track.

            Do you have any idea how -niche- that is? The same type of audience that would play Hatsune Miku’s Project Diva F, probably has an active Crunchy RollFunimation account, at least a couple import toys, and would rather read subtitles of a foreign language to the point they can understand the vocal inflections of the actors without understanding the language. And this small but dedicated fanbase for any of those here in the West would want a title like this. However with Nintendo and Atlas scrubbing the game so that either easily offended foreigners who don’t like conformity to their ideologyculture, to try and appease an audience that doesn’t like this type of game, or be forced by law to change it (which I don’t buy for a second unless you count Sharia Law), it is an insult to that audience it was aimed at and to the creators who made it.

            Now, can you understand at least for one second why people don’t like censorship?

          • Alistair

            You see Mike is a special case, a Self confessed SJW that wants games to mature & what is that when you say mature it tells you grown up into adult that what videogames turn into over the years mayb SJWs forget what mature mean.

            Hence we get adult games you can’t get mature then that, no that can’t be right Mike told a lie what they really want is destruct of videogames.

            I see they can’t take videogames taking credit of muti billion industry that done well for itself. & they latch onto that. Once it done & dusted these retards will go after another media.

          • Jim

            And what you mean by mature is having video games be full of social justice leftist propaganda like the Siege of Dragonspire DLC from another self confessed SJW who says they hate white male characters?

          • Smug

            allahu ackbar my friend
            skin is haram

          • Robot Maid

            Fanservice is pointless? Okay, let’s remove games like Super Smash Brothers, Halo: Reach, and other games that were made with pleasing the fans in mind. Fanservice is not just revealing outfits.

        • scemar

          Because I care about the medium and thus, want it to be free

          I am not nostalgic for the days of the 90’s when the american conservative moral right would have banned pokemon because it was satanic

          I’m not even kidding

          so when another group comes demanding the same sort of draconian censorship and stuff starts getting censored, I know how bad it can get, and I know how bad a medium devoid of its freedom has it

          and I know that censorship always begs for more censorship, so those unnecesary changes matter

        • C G Saturation

          urrrrr rite b happppyyyyy sooo gooooooood

    • C G Saturation

      ur rite dun car but nething jus be happy mannnnn feeel soo gooood

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    See it’s harder to see any real change with Nintendo because they have that loyal group of Nintendrones who will eat anything Nintendo shits out no matter what. I still believe though they will lose more money in the end by censoring it than they ever would by releasing it uncensored and some idiot getting offended by it.

    • scemar

      they’re losing long term potential profits which are hard to quantify

      might not be too many sales this time, but if nintendo ever wanted to be taken more seriously in the future and wanted to sell itself to people they would have to deal with the reputation they have built for themselves and that would come to hurt them then

      they already have a bad reputation as kiddy baby company and this stuff just reinforces those jokes and that mockery, and people outside the nitnendo diehard fandom don’t buy lame systems from a lame company that aims games at babies

      and that affects how investors see the company too, why would they ever invest into a good game for a nintendo system, if the potential reward would always be limited by nintendo’s reputation which holds back their potential appeal ?

      the NX could come out with great specs and great first party titles and people would still not get it because they’d know it won’t have third party support, and it won’t have third party support because third parties know no one will buy the nintendo system except nitnendo loyalists, it’s a chicken and egg problem and this sort of reputation damage is partially responsible for reinforcing it

  • scemar

    people who are ok with some forms of censorship are ignorant or idiots who don’t know or understand censorship’s nature, how it works

    being ok with censorship on a case by case basis is an illogical implausible stance because it conflicts with the nature of censorship

    opposing censorship itself, implies opposing all instances of it, and that is the only way to guarantee freedom

    no case of censorship is isolated because censorship comes as a result of the circumstances leading to

    the stances taken towards or against any case of censorship will also have repercussions on all other instances of censorship later

    the sad situation surrounding censorship is that an effective state of freedom that rejects censorship requires people to be mature and down to earth enough to stand for the spirit of freedom in general, which means standing for the freedom of things people might not personally like in solidarity, everyone for everyone
    but that is impossible for people who seek to impose their own belief systems onto others due to any ideology which dogmatically condemns some things and demands their complete elimination

    for a good example of how that works in practice just look at how SJW operate, they are constantly attacking each other due to their ever increasing list of things that are “not good” and forbidden, they accented censorship and embraced it and it is leading them to reject more and more things because they happen to offend someone else and the list will only increase

    basically freedom and censorship are two opposing forces and they work by carrying any momentum they are given and thus any bit of censorship will only work to push things towards the censorship spectrum and only freedom counteracts censorship, and freedom by nature, requires it to be free of ifs and butts

    • Robot Maid

      The thing that’s really jarring is that they had Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, a Senran Kagura game (which is rated “T”, I believe), and Mad World.

      All three of those games ruffled some jimmies. The Mad World bit was particularly good because someone at Nintendo said “Nintendo systems are for everyone, including adults who would like this game.”

      It’s a shame they’ve fallen from that mindset.

      • Audie Bakerson

        “they’ve fallen”

        NoA was adding random crap that breaks characterization to dialog as early as 2001

  • DizzyGear

    I always wondered if Atlus NA employs paid shills to shit up review and comment sections.
    Whenever the subject of the lack of dual audio comes up the comment sections blow up completely on sites like Siliconera and Gematsu with users ive never seen on those sites flooding in bashing and mass downvote anyone who dares to express disappointment of the lack of Japanese voices.
    Same shit with P4A region lock debacle went on. Hell Atlus even banned EU IP’s from their forums during that shitstorm.

    On the other hand I would LOVE to read a port mortem on WTF went down between Nintendo and Atlus with this game from ex Nintendo/Atlus staff one day.
    I don’t think anyone had the game we have today in mind when they announced an SMT/FE crossover game early in the WiiU’s lifecycle. The western censorship was just icing on the cake.

  • The anti-censorship gamers has always been a minority when compared to the amount of brain-dead average drones. They’ll pay money for censored and butchered crap and will continue to do so. All while insulting those who criticise the censorship.

    The pathetic censorship apologists are perfectly entitled to their opinion of course, but as always they just don’t understand that the gamers / anti-censorship folk (basically people like me) would like the full original experience as intended. It is disappointing to have to play something that has been censored to hell and made to comply to a politically-correct ideology that no-one apart from SJWs/feminists want.

    The censorship sympathizers are just as much of a cancer as the localization companies that do the censoring.

    • C G Saturation

      The world would probably be a better place if people didn’t so highly value the “opinions” of those intentionally ignoring negative aspects of reality for the sake of “feeling good right now”.

      Actually, I am pretty certain the world is a better place now than before, precisely because someone complained about something, and came up with a convenient solution that we are probably enjoying right now.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think ignorance does much towards improving the world.

      • Arbitrary

        I completely agree with absolutely all of this.

  • darkgamer001

    A 10 minute video….10 MINUTES….by Censored Gaming tells you all that you need to know.
    Yes I’m sure the “localized” version is still a blast to play, but….remember when we were told that censorship only matters if it hits gameplay/story?
    Well, now it’s down to censorship only matters if it hits gameplay…

    Slippery slope issues aside, whilst gameplay is the most important factor, getting an inferior product compared to Japan (whether it is only minor or greatly inferior is up to the individual to decide), when we’re paying the same price and waiting ages for these games to come to the West (because censoring clearly takes precedence over trying not to bring it to the West half a year later)….that’s what people are mad about, and they have every right to be.

    But for crying out loud guys, contact NoE and NoA directly!
    “But…but…but, it won’t change anything!” Yes, well, with that attitude, neither will ranting on forums or giving it poor user scores. It can make a difference. It’s a minor chance, but for Arceus’ sake, just go for it!

    • “But for crying out loud guys, contact NoE and NoA directly!”

      As with all companies/businesses that make money, the ONLY way to create change is to hit them where it hurts – their finances.

      Nothing will change if these morons keep putting money into NoA’s pockets for butchered products. If NoA are meeting or exceeding their financial sales targets, they’re going to continue to butcher and censor their games.

      No amount of politely-worded letters and emails to NoE and NoA will change a thing. And seeing as the anti-censorship advocates like myself are seemingly in the minority, it just makes it that much more difficult.

      • C G Saturation

        Yeah, and the problem with that is if it doesn’t sell, they won’t know why and usually blame a completely incorrect reason, because they are stupid.

      • darkgamer001

        I get what you’re saying, I really do.

        However, the problem with sales is that the censorship sympathizers, and possibly people at NoA/NoE….will try to make the anti-censorship crowd seem irrelevant either way. To make it clearer:

        – Censored game sells well = HA! Take that censorship crybabies (plus insert healthy dose of pervert weeb labeling)
        – Censored game sells poorly = Ah, clearly the game was too niche, shouldn’t have bothered localizing it.

        We face an uphill task of changing that mentality too something akin to this:

        – Ah your censored game sold well, it could have sold even more without censorship /
        – Your censored game sold poorly, perhaps next time consider not censoring it/adding uncensor optional patches?

        In that respect, the letters to NoA/NoE can make a difference in my humble opinion, if you don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. We cannot snap our fingers and make all these censored games sell poorly so that these companies wake up quickly. However, when sending in those letters, I’d definitely recommend adding in the fact that they’re sending all the wrong messages with the next generation around the corner. I know I have….

        • Shelly the kid

          A terrorist attack would be much better. But then we would be called terrorist if we kill people over a shitty game that sucks ass.



  • C G Saturation

    Sounds like a bunch of weak ignorant assholes trying to avoid negatives. Quite frankly, I’m sick of those kinds of people. Spoiled as shit. If you sent those people back a hundred years or so, they would all commit suicide from not having all their modern conveniences to shield them from “negativity”.

    I’m also amused that the localization spent more time censoring the game than translating the Japanese dialogue. It’s obvious what their priorities are, now. And it paid off, because look at all those idiots who love the censorship.

    They’re quick to justify it with lines like “I don’t care about fan service”, but I think fan service is also very subjective. A lot of things don’t register as “fan service” to me, but censorship often stands out because it’s out of place.

    This again proves that people are completely fine with being shat on. They lap it up like starving dogs. If I wanted to “have fun”, I would simply import the original Japanese version, as always. Why settle for less? I have standards.

    • I’m also amused that the localization spent more time censoring the game than translating the Japanese dialogue.

      I didn’t think about that before, but the priority to focus more on covering up the characters, removing content and butchering the meshes by removing the pelvis bones than to add things like English subtitles during the battle is downright hilarious. Atlus’ main goal was to make sure the game was as sanitized as possible while neglecting to include some of the core features that should have been in there for a localized port.

      • C G Saturation

        “Guys, we still have some untranslated Japanese dialogue here, without subtitles or anything. Can we get a translator on that?”
        “Can’t. Too busy painting all the visible skin white on this wedding dress outfit.”

        • Meanwhile here are some real fashionable wedding dresses that women wear to ceremonies, which are places were children, parents and families are present.

          The sexism! The misogyny!

        • scemar

          even disregarding the matter of censorship entirely, this would be a case of also supporting lower quality games due to resources being prioritized towards censoring over quality

          people need to start saying “I don’t care about censorship and freedom in the medium” but also “or about a game’s quality” if they want to keep supporting this sort of stuff

      • DizzyGear

        I have to wonder, was it Atlus call? The game bombed in Japan and the WiiU is on the way out.

        I cant imagine Atlus JP being happy having to waste extra time and resources censoring a game they probably know is not gonna do too hot outside Japan as well.
        Especially if their NA branch warned their Japanese bosses that censoring will alienate the very audience the game is aimed at.
        …And theres the hotsprings DLC Atlus cant sell in the west so they miss sales from that too.

        • It’s impossible to tell these days. Every point you bring up is a good one, though. I can’t imagine Atlus JP being okay with losing out on sales, especially from the Hotsprings DLC… but then again, Koei Tecmo was willing to bite the bullet and completely forego America with DOAX3 just to avoid the SJWs.

        • LurkerJK

          Especially if their NA branch warned their Japanese bosses that censoring will alienate the very audience the game is aimed at.

          Why do you think the NA branch warned them of that ? , they are the most likely to have pushed for the censorship and they are going to cover their ass like all branches in every company do, they never make mistakes, others make mistakes

          The game bombed because of Anime hate, or because of the WiiU bombing or because misogyny or whatever, unless Altus JP has independent metrics they can just lie through their teeth and they are good

          • DizzyGear

            I highly doubt Atlus NA pushed for the censorship. They published games with much more fan service. And when they did censor those CG’s in Dungeon Travelers 2 they warned people in advance unlike Nintendo.
            As far as I know the game bombed because people expected a FExSMT game to be something with armies and demons and instead they got something with… idols.

        • Robot Maid

          One of the reasons it bombed in Japan (I assume) is that it was released the day or week after Christmas. At that point, most everyone has already spent their money on stuff and aren’t willing to buy more stuff. I’m sure it’s not the only reason, but it did contribute (I imagine).