Riders Of Icarus Blight Of Frost Keep Will Raise Level Cap To 35

Nexon and WeMade Entertainment sent out word that a brand new expansion pack is set to arrive for Riders of Icarus following on the game’s successful launch recently through Nexon’s game portal and the Steam store. The name of the expansion is called Blight of Frost Keep, and it adds all new locations a raised level cap to 35 and brand new mounts to tame.

The press release indicates that the new snow-covered location of Parna’s Coast will afford players brand new mounts and areas to explore while new quests await for them to be completed.

There’s also the Cavern of the Veil, a new underground location where gamers will face off against a series of bosses. And there’s the actual Frost Keep itself, which is designed for players who have attained level 34 status or higher and are looking for a deeper challenge out of the CryEngine-powered Riders of Icarus.

The press release covers three of the brand new mounts in the game, including the Venomous Caspert, the Karas and the Terror Kerav.

Accompanying this news is a brand new overview trailer to help give gamers an idea of what Riders of Icarus is all about. You can check it out below.

One thing I really have to tip my hat off to Nexon for is how well they’ve been managing to promote Riders of Icarus and how solid and consistent the promotional content has been. I’ve been especially impressed with the trailers for the game, which feature a lot of cool gameplay clips and in-game segments that actually make the free-to-play MMO look fun to play, which is not an easy task.

Ahead of the game’s launch I was actually given a press access key to play around with the CBT 3 version of the MMO, and parts of it were really impressive. The taming, mount capturing and pet system is all really cool, and WeMade did a great job fleshing out that system. The combat, however, is somewhat lacking and could use a bit of improvement. Now that the game has entered into open beta I suspect that the developers will continue to refine the experience and improve upon it as they help grow the player base and attempt to maintain quality control.

You can look for the new Riders of Icarus update to go live next week and if you want to learn more about the game be sure to visit the official website.


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