Riders Of Icarus First Nude Mod Appears, But It Has FPS Issues

Riders of Icarus entered into open beta on July 6th. Modders wasted no time in getting to work on stripping off the under garments so they could flesh out a nude mod for the new MMO from Nexon and WeMade Entertainment.

Over on the Undertow.Club, modder Naduron chiseled off the unmentionables for the female characters, baring them down to nothing but high heels. You can see the NSFW images of the mod in action here, here and here.

Now the mod may give you the kind of visual delights you’re looking for out of Riders of Icarus, but it comes at a price (as all good things do).

You’ll need a very specific version of uMod to get it to work properly, otherwise you’ll end up with instant crashes, client issues, graphical issues or the inability to save the files.

According to Naduron, only uMod v2 r53 works properly with Riders of Icarus, but you’ll have to deal with frame-rates centered around 5fps – 15fps…

“The only uMod that works without any graphical issues is uMod v2 r53 but it also causes the client to have 5-15 FPS depending on your hardware and game resolution.”

It’s a major bummer because if you want to spice up your adventures in capturing familiars, rising unicorns or beating up bad guys on top of a kangaroo while wearing nothing but heels and your birthday suit, you’ll have to settle for some abysmal framerates. I mean, you could always riding wild animals in the buff in real life, but don’t be surprised if the only thing you tame is a wild case of gonorrhea.

Anyway, if you want the Riders of Icarus nude mod, you’ll need to download Umod v2 r53 and then download the Riders of Icarus nude mod.

Once you add the Launcher32.exe file to the program, it on using the global hook, launch Riders of Icarus and then choose to open the nude mod texture pack. Update it, reload and launch it.


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