Riders Of Icarus: Here’s How To Find And Tame Fenris

Riders of Icarus holds a lot of mythical and legendary creatures that can be tamed. One of the many tamable animals, or creatures, is the ravishing legendary wolf, Fenris. The MMORPG Riders Of Icarus is out now for PC.

In this guide, folks will learn how to tame and get Fenris the wolf. Like many tamable monsters, this one too can be tamed like the others, but requires a special item to see the process through. For starters, you will need to beat Jack the Hunter for the Phantasm Potion.

In addition to Jack the Hunter, he does not spawn in the Hunter’s Cave, but he can be found in the instance portal in the northeast corner of the farm. He also has a wolf that fights with him when he arrives after everything in the area has been cleared. It’s worth noting that Jack the Hunter isn’t all that easy for low levels, which makes it a bit difficult trying to get the Phantasm Potion from him since it has a low drop rate.

The low drop rate for the Phantasm Potion also makes it a pain when taming attempts fail with Fenris. This means you will need to go back and fight Jack the Hunter and hope that he drops the Phantasm Potion so that you can use it on Fenris to tame it, yet again.

If you are looking for Fenris you can find it at Sansupus Ranch, where it will be accompanied by other hostiles. It’s worth noting that you should have the Phantasm Potion equipped on you before approaching the legendary wolf, because the taming attempt would render useless if you arrived empty handed when trying to capture Fenris.

After getting its life low and using the potion on it, which should be followed by mounting it, Fenris should be tamed. A Riders of Icarus video guide by TestoInternational shows everything you need to get the wolf, which runs for a minute and 24 seconds.

If you want to get in on the action you can do so right now since Riders of Icarus is free-to-play. You can either grab the Nexon client or download a free version from Steam.


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