Smashing The Battle Gets The Topless Mod Treatment

Studio HG’s Smashing The Battle turned out to be a simple, buxom, hack-and-slash, arena fighter game where players command two scantily clad female vixens taking on a battalion of psycho robots. If it sounds like a wild romp with a lot of non-stop action, it is. Modders, of course, were not content with the game as it was, and decided to spruce things up with a topless mod.

Modder mescool created a a topless mod using Umod r53 to modify Sarah O’Connell, giving her – or rather, taking away from her – the miniscule amount of coverage that kept her rather buxom assets from being completely exposed. It’s not quite a full-on nude mod, but I imagine it will get there soon enough. If you click the image below you can check out the NSFW version of the mod.

Smashing The Battle

The mod is simple enough, giving one of the lead characters a little extra exposure compared to what she usually wears. This includes detailed nipples to match the already implemented bouncing boob physics.

It’s a crude mod but it clearly aims to get the job done for those who like their smashing battles done with bouncing, exposed boobs.

The mod itself is only 424kb, so it’s rather tiny and follows the typical procedure for replacing a texture asset in a game, similar to the Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus mod.

Smashing The Battle received mostly positive review scores from users for its simple mechanics, challenging gameplay and basic story. Some argued that the only thing that elevated it above standard mobile trash was the fact that it had the bouncing boobs, but otherwise it’s nothing too special. In this case, the mod definitely is designed to make those who wanted something more titillating out of Smashing The Battle but couldn’t find a reason to give it a go. Now those people have a reason to give it a go.

If you want to get your hands on the mod feel free to grab a copy of it from over on the Undertow.Club.

If you’re curious about learning more about Smashing The Battle, you can pick up a digital copy from the Steam store for $11.99.


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