Speedrunners Raise $1.2 Million Through SGDQ For Doctors Without Borders

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 just recently concluded and managed to rack up $1.2 million in charity donations over the course of the event. The donations will be given to the Doctors Without Borders organization as a way to help contribute to the aid relief that the organization offers for global conflicts.

The Escapist did a brief write-up about the event and the money raised, detailing that they managed to bring in a total of $1,297,924.44. They managed $1.2 million in 2015 as well, which also saw a rather odd shake-up during what some refer to as the “Suicide Run”.

This year’s event played host to a number of different games, ranging from The Legend of Zelda to Tetris to Super Mario Bros. In fact, they even included games like Pokemon Red and Blue, everyone’s favorite Super Metroid from the SNES, a rare Pepsiman playthrough, and even some Super Mario Maker courses.

They even reached deep into the well of the unknown, whipping out Atlus’ Wii title, Trauma Center Secon dOpinion. I didn’t you could speedrun through that game, but gamers are a creative bunch that are always looking to commit to overcoming the impossible.

The 2016 SGDQ playlist is actually up and available for viewing over on YouTube. You can check out the 173 video playlist below.

Games Done Quick has made it an annual habit to use games for good. Instead of wasting eveyrone’s time complaining about skirt to knee length or armpit to waist exposure, GDQ focuses on utilizing their efforts to raise money through speedruns in order to put something positive and productive back into society. Using video games as a charitable force to be reckoned with is a great thing, and it’s unfortunate that so many other organizations and institutions out there focus solely on how to devalue or create negative propaganda for the video game industry.

Nevertheless, if you would like to learn more about the good work that they do at GDQ and how they prosper as a charitable organization day in and day out, feel free to pay a kind visit to the official Games Done Quick website.


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