Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Sith Wars II Mod Has Released

A new mod for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 called The Sith Wars II introduces all new playable units, revamped maps and new gameplay modes.

Knockout Studios announced over on Moddb that the mod The Sith Wars II has gone live for the game, featuring all new content and gameplay .

The mod promises the Sith Era II, which comes with the new Sith Legends gameplay mode, an all new map set on Korriban, the original planet and home to Sith warriors. There are brand new weapons, force powers and abilities for some of the characters, along with a reskin of Naboo’s Theed.

Version 1.0 of the mod clocks in at just over 400mb, which is actually quite large for a Battlefront 2 mod.

You can see what it looks like when applied to the game by checking out the release trailer below.

Sith Legends Trailer – Mod DB

According to the description of the mod, the original Sith Wars I focused on multiplayer online combat, where-as the sequel mod is optimized for both multiplayer and single-player content. They’ve even mixed the heroes using both lightsabers and blaster combat. They’re promising 30 new units to play around with and four new factions within the Sith empire to align yourself to.

You will need the unofficial version 1.3 of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 installed to make use of The Sith Wars II mod, so you’ll need to grab that first from over on Mediafire before proceeding.

For installing the mod it’s as simple as downloading and extracting the contents into the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 folder.

No extra gimmicks required.

It’s cool to see that Battlefront – the original from Pandemic – is still getting a lot of dedicated love from the modding community. It’s not possible with the EA and DICE version given that they have the game all locked down tighter than a nun’s sphincter, but at least we’ll continue to see new mods being made for the original two Battlefront games.

You can download The Sith Wars II from over on Moddb right now, for free.


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