Street Fighter 5 Mod Removes Juri’s Latex Suit, Bares Her Cleavage

Some gamers feel as if Capcom’s release of Juri in Street Fighter V was censored; that the skin-tight, S&M-style latex bodysuit she’s wearing underneath a rubber jumpsuit was added in as a way to censor the extremely ample cleavage they upgraded her to from her depiction in Street Fighter IV. Well, it didn’t take modders long to get to work and start working on a way to expose Juri’s cleavage and remove the latex bodysuit underneath her main jumpsuit.

Niche Gamer picked up the news after a video was posted on YouTube by user Brutal Ace, who designed the cleavage-baring mod. The video is only two minutes long and previews the fleshy assets of Juri on full display. You can check out the footage below.

The mod has been spreading like wildfire, giving gamers the world around an opportunity to de-clothe Juri in the PC version of Street Fighter V.

Surprisingly, Capcom didn’t do much in the way of giving Juri boob physics. It does kind of lend itself to the belief that maybe the latex outfit was part of the original design?

When you compare Juri’s boobs to Chun-Li, Cammy and R. Mika, the latter three have ample bounce from simple things like walking and standing, to jumping and falling. Even Karin manages to showcases some vertical lift and descent in jello-style fashion when it comes to her small but friskily mobile mammaries.

If you check the 1:40 mark you’ll see that even when doing her special, the sternum twins stay as stiff as a log.

We’ll see if Capcom adds more tilt and bounce when they update Street Fighter V with the upcoming summer bikini DLC.

in the meantime, you can grab the latest version of Juri’s latex-free outfit by downloading the mod from Brutal Ace’s Deviant Art page.

And for the ladies, if you like the pecs spilling out of shirts and pounding strong and hard during a fight, you’ll enjoy the new Alpha Hot Ken mod from Brutal Ace as well, you can also download the skimpy-clothed Ken from Brutal Ace’s Deviant Art page.


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