Street Fighter 5 R. Mika Traditional Swimsuit Mod Released

If you wanted to play with Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter V on the beach and in a swimsuit that doesn’t hide any of her curves, modders have a fix for that.

Capcom has some new summer DLC for many of the girls in Street Fighter V, including an outfit for R. Mika that sees her in a one-piece swimsuit with a mask, slippers and a hoody. Not everyone was keen on seeing the curvaceous wrestler all covered up while frolicking in the sand, so they did something about it.

Modder BrutalAce recently released a mod that offers a clean cut look for R. Mika in her swimwear. You can check out the video below to give you an idea of what the mod looks like for the PC version of Street Fighter V.

As you can see, this is a simple mod that keeps R. Mika looking conservatively clean. No ruffles, no boots, no shoes, no logos. She’s just in the one piece swimsuit.

Best of all, everyone who enjoys her jiggling and bouncing can still get all of that from the blue suit. And if you have the butt slap mod installed, you can still get a full view of her derriere when she goes for her super special. You can download the R. Mika swimsuit from over on BrutalAce’s DeviantArt page.

Street Fighter 5 R. Mika Swimsuit

There’s also a swimsuit modification for Cammy as well, stripped of the gear and the military garb. It essentially turns her leotard into a swimsuit. It’s a lot less utilitarian looking than the original Street Fighter V outfit or the one she donned in Street Fighter IV (which is actually one of my favorites).

They did a pretty good job on Cammy’s swimsuit… it’s very form fitting and BrutalAce worked very hard on making sure her arms maintained symmetry with the muscle definition.

You can get your hands on the barefoot, swimsuit Cammy mod by downloading it from over on BrutalAce’s DeviantArt page.



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