Street Fighter 5 Story Mode And Ending Explained

Capcom finally released the long-awaited story mode for Street Fighter V, featuring more than two hours of cinematics. The story can be a little cumbersome to follow at times, but it has some interesting moments, especially regarding Charlie’s sub-plot and Necalli’s desire to devour souls. For gamers looking to understand the story and ending for Street Fighter V, there’s a walkthrough guide to help you out and give you a lowdown on what happens with each character.

YouTuber MKIceandFire managed to compile all of the story cinematics for Street Fighter V together, covering the game from start to finish, and you can check out the video below.

It starts with Charlie Nash waking up in a temple, having been repaired and revived by a nurse named Helen. Charlie faces off against a specter of M. Bison. He’s then told to go seek out Guile.

The scene switches to Ryu and Dhalsim, facing off against each other, with Dhalsim giving Ryu some words of wisdom before Necalli jumps down and faces off against Necalli.

Ryu is nearly taken over by the Hado, but Dhalsim steps in to save him, facing off against Necalli in order to save Ryu.

Dhalsim explains to Ryu that a being that consumes the souls of warriors only appears when the world is in great crisis.

It then switches over to Rashid, who beats up some AS-M soldiers. He asks about someone in the photo and then runs off toward a hangar.

The scene then switches to F.A.N.G., who kills a scientist in a corner on behalf of M. Bison. Rashid runs into F.A.N.G., who soundly defeats Rashid.

Things eventually switch over to Alex, Zangief, Laura and Rainbow Mika fighting in a tag team match. It then bounces back to F.A.N.G., who uses the device he took from Rashid to power one of M. Bison’s Black Moons.

Karin wants to find out who is in charge of the Black Moon causing a disturbance in the stratosphere, and vows to make them pay.

After one of the Moons goes off it manages to shutdown the electronics in various regions. The Black Moon going off also manages to increase M. Bison’s psycho power.

Guile and Chun-Li arrive in New York where Bison, Vega, F.A.N.G., and Balrog located. Bison manages to defeat Chun-Li and Vega manages to defeat Guile. Bison readies to destroy the two of them but Cammy comes and saves the two.

Street Fighter V Story Mode

Guile and Chun-Li explain that a bunch of hackers have gone missing and that they were coerced into building the Black Moons for Bison.

Cammy gives Chun-Li a package that contains a piece that was used to help power the Black Moons. Charlie shows up in New York and defeats Guile and takes one of the pieces he has on him, while Rashid manages to defeat Chun-Li to get another one of the mysterious pieces that power the Black Moons.

Rashid makes an escape but Charlie hunts him down and gives him the piece that he took from Guile.

Helen manages to gather Juri, to join her with Charlie and Rashid. It turns out that the Black Moons bring out extreme emotions and increases Psycho Power, something that Bison uses to grow stronger.

Helen also reveals that one of the hackers that Rashid has been looking for is among those captured by Bison, and that it would be in his interest, Juri’s interest and Charlie’s interest to work with her in stopping Bison and the Black Moons.

Urien ends up showing up and it’s revealed that it’s been his technology that powered the revival of Charlie Nash. Urien calls him the “clay doll” before engaging in a fight.

Street Fighter 5 Story Mode

Urien manages to easily defeat Charlie before leaving.

Helen reveals that Charlie still hasn’t managed to fully control his body and she reveals that part of his limitations comes from the fact that he’s dead… or rather, undead.

Helen also reveals that she despises Bison and wants to stop Shadaloo and the Black Moons and she feels as if there’s another man who deserves to lead the world.

Rashid is sent to retrieve another one of the pieces from Karin, who fights him for it. Karin wins the fight but Rashid pickpockets the piece from Karin and runs off with it.

During a sparring round between Ryu and Ken, one of Karin Kanzuki’s ninjas warns the duo that the world is in peril and requests both of them to help out. However, Ken tells Ryu to keep up his special training and that he would join Karin’s group on behalf of Ryu.

It turns out that Karin has a list of fighters where and each fighter on the list was given a piece.

Decapre and a few of Shadaloo’s henchmen attempt to attack Karin and Cammy, but Karin and Cammy defeat them.

Guile later arrives to explain that each small piece that everyone is fighting to gather can be used to activate or shutdown the Black Moons. Karin and Guile devise a plan to infiltrate the Shadaloo base, but first several of the street fighters attempt to go find the other fighters that have the remaining pieces.

Street Fighter 5 Story Mode

In Brazil, F.A.N.G tracks down Sean, whose sister has one of the Black Moon control keys, but before F.A.N.G can do anything to Sean. Ken hops down to save him.

After saving Sean, he agrees to give Ken the control piece, but not before Laura tests Ken’s strength with a fight.

The scene switches and Guile and Zangief attempt to retrieve another control piece in India, but they end up getting intercepted by Shadaloo forces. Guile defeats some of the soldiers, and Zangief holds off Balrog for a bit but then a Shadaloo psychic manages to retrieve the control piece from Zangief.

Dhalsim heads to New York to confront Alex about one of the control pieces in his possession. Alex ends up handing over the piece to Dhalsim.

Back in Brazil, Cammy manages to defeat Decapre but won’t hand her over to the police. Instead, Cammy beats up the cops before they can arrest Decapre. Juri ends up showing up offering Cammy and Decapre an escape while Chun-Li heads back to the base.

With Charlie and Rashid, they manage to infiltrate the Shadaloo base. Charlie separates from Rashid and his servant in order to find Bison. During a fight with Shadaloo forces Rashid and his servant get trapped so he gives the control pieces to Karin.

Ibuki and Mika end up getting a control piece when they run into Balrog and the Shadaloo psychic when Ibuki throws down a smoke bomb.

Dhalsim also teleports to the Shadaloo base where Chun-Li is, giving her Alex’s piece. Chun-Li also encounters the young girl that Rashid met at the start of story. The girl reveals that she has a special task that she must complete before escaping.

Chun-Li and Karin proceed to shutdown the Black Moons by canceling Project C.H.A.I.N.S. Meanwhile F.A.N.G finds and threatens the little girl forcing her to activate the “Descent Program”, forcing C.H.A.I.N.S., to go back online.

Street Fighter 5 Charlie

It turns out the one person who was helping Karin and the others was Abel, who was undercover at the Shadaloo base. However, Abel becomes infected with the Psycho Power when Bison arrives.

Charlie manages to attack Bison but can’t defeat him. Bison puts down Charlie, but is then interrupted by Necalli, who comes for Bison’s soul. Bison also defeats Necalli who fades into the shadows.

Chun-Li and Karin escape from the Shadaloo facility being chased by a Psycho Power Abel. Before Abel can do any damage, Zangief falls from the sky and literally tanks all of Abel’s attacks before piledriving him into the ground.

Karin has a rescue chopper take them all to safety. Rashid and Charlie also manage to hop on while fleeing from Necalli.

Back at Karin’s place, they still couldn’t subdue Abel under his Psycho Power hypnosis. Charlie is able to absorb the Psycho Power using his undead powers.

Rashid, Charlie and Rashid’s servant leave and head back to Helen, along with Cammy and Juri. Helen informs Charlie that he has a limited amount of time to exist and that he must defeat Bison; Charlie tells her that he can’t defeat Bison and leaves.

Ryu, meanwhile, finally joins with the others and manages to defeat Necalli, preventing the monster from devouring his soul. Karin then informs them that they must return to the Shadaloo base to defeat Bison and destroy the Black Moons for good.

Street Fighter 5 Story Mode

The street fighters head back to the Shadaloo base where Bison’s personal bodyguards have been enhanced with Psycho Power. Karin, Zangief, Birdie, Ibuki and Rainbow Mika face off against the Psycho soldiers while Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile head toward M. Bison.

Rashid manages to get to the control panel and manages to shutdown the Black Moon project for good. F.A.N.G attempts to stop Rashid and it’s revealed that the woman that F.A.N.G killed at the beginning of the story was actually Rashid’s friend, and when Rashid finds out, he attacks F.A.N.G, but is also poisoned in the process.

Rashid does manage to disable the Psycho Power effect, which snaps the soldiers out of their mind control state, including fully restoring Julie, Decapre and others to their rightful minds. One of the previously mind-controlled soldiers manages to save Rashid by knocking F.A.N.G off the railing into the turbine below.

Guile, Chun-Li and Ryu head to face off against Bison, but Charlie goes after Bison instead… alone.

After Charlie fights Bison again, the Black Moons manage to become fully disabled – Charlie rushes in and uses his power to attempt to absorb Bison’s Psycho Power, but explodes in the process.

Street Fighter V - Story

Ryu manages to fight Bison while Guile stands around like a chump. Ryu defeats Bison with a fireball that disperses the dictator. The Shadaloo base is destroyed while Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li escape.

After the base is destroyed an automated message is sent to Rashid’s phone from his deceased friend. She informs him that if he’s hearing the message then the Black Moons must have been destroyed and that he should enjoy the rest of his life.

As the credits role Gill is shown in his Street Fighter 3 form with his red and blue colored body being glimpsed from the shadows. The end credit scene also shows Helen, where she’s revealed to be Kolin, the secretary to Gill. It turns out that all along she was using Rashid and the others to defeat Bison in order to help Gil take control.

After the credits roll an after-credit scene is shown with Ken and Ryu doing a another battle for old time sake.

Street Fighter V is available right now for PC and PS4, along with the all new July update that features the full story mode.


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