Street Fighter 5 Will Gain Juri And New Character Costumes On July 26th

Capcom is gearing up to bring Juri to Street Fighter V‘s roster on July 26th, while showing off more costumes for other fighters in the game. We also get a nice treat to some screenshots showing off Chun-li, Juri, Laura, Ibuki and Cammy, which also tags along with Juri’s new reveal trailer. Street Fighter V is out now for PC and PS4.

Those excited about Juri and her upcoming arrival in Street Fighter V‘s roster won’t have to wait that long seeing how her debut is less than four days from now, which is on the 26th. With that said, Juri can be seen showing her moves off in her latest trailer that runs for one minute and 17 seconds.

You can check out the new trailer courtesy of Street Fighter‘s YouTube channel.

Next up is the costumes. Laura, Ibuki and Cammy will all receive new outfits standing as summer swimsuits. Joining the outfit flaunting is Chun-Li. Thanks to BornFree, we are able to see an image of her new attire by Akira Yasuda as seen below.

The new outfit for the character arrives via Capcom hosting a Street Fighter V panel at San Diego Comic Con, which brought forth the tweet above by BornFree and the screenshots further down.

Before jumping into the screenshots, I should note that the ones at the near bottom (for Laura, Ibuki and Cammy) do come in as DLC that run for $3.99 each. Call me cheap, but I think $3.99 per character for some costumes is a bit too much. I know you don’t have to get them, or all of them together, but $4 through $12? Anyways, that’s the amount folks will be looking to dish out if you are considering on buying them separately or together.

Lastly, all of the new Street Fighter V screenshots showing all of Juri’s costumes, and Ibuki, Laura, and Cammy’s swimsuits can be viewed while we wait for all the new content to drop on the 26th.

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