Super Indie Karts Adds VR Trax With Synthwave Soundtrack

One Legged Seagull recently updated the Early Access racing game, Super Indie Karts, to include all new VR Trax as an alternative to the standard world racing cups in the game. The VR Trax sport some awesome vector graphics and some super sexy, retro-synthwave musical scores.

Over on the Steam store page the developer laid out a changelog featuring some of the cool new additions to the game in update 0.52. Super Indie Karts is still in Early Access, but it’s constantly growing and evolving over time; this latest update is proof of that.

There are 20 VR Trax added to the game, eight of which are remade World Cup tracks designed under the 3D VR motif. The other 12 tracks featured in the update are brand new. I’m kind of hoping that the other World Cup tracks also stay under a separate section, it would be cool to have the Indie Cups, the World Cups and the VR Trax. The replayability would be through the roof!

You can see and hear what these new tracks look and play like thanks to some footage captured in-game that you can check out below.

In addition to adding the VR theme to the game, One Legged Seagull also teamed up with Dream Fiend to provide the music and vocal score to the VR Trax. It works… it really, really works and it’s super cool. I love it. Then again, I’m a sucker for nostalgia, anything 1980s and the neon allure of cyberpunk futurism.

Regardless, the update contains even more than just new tracks and sounds, there’s also tons of bug fixes for the game and a clean-up of both the logos and the avatars. There are some aesthetic modifications made to the game, including boost indicators, modified lights so and position indicators so you know when it’s the last lap, as well as camera zooms when you finish the race.

I could definitely tell some of the changes had been added to the game, there’s an overall feeling of polish that now emanates throughout the gameplay session that wasn’t there before. I actually can’t wait to see what else is added to the game because it’s shaping up quite nicely as is.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out the Steam store page or if you’re not afraid to dive into the Early Access regime, feel free to pick up a digital copy for $9.99.


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