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The new first-person, point-and-click adventure puzzle game from nDreams called The Assembly has launched on PC. The game also supports VR headsets. It’s a head-trip of a game with some tricky exploration style puzzles and a few classic logic puzzles, too. For gamers looking for a complete gameplay walkthrough, there are some video guides available.

YouTuber Father has put up a complete walkthrough series containing all of the puzzles, all the keycodes and passcodes, as well as help in getting to some of the locations throughout the game. You can check out the 10 video playlist below.

The game starts by briefly going over how Dr. Madeleine Stone used experimental drugs to help her ailing mother, but things didn’t turn out so well and her mother died. The beginning of the game consists of a series of flashbacks between present day and the situations that led up to Stone being taken to the secret facility of The Assembly.

Players mostly spend the first 10 minutes or so getting glimpses of Stone’s past while also learning how to play.

You’ll eventually be put into the shoes of Dr. Caleb Pearson and you can mess around with certain objects in the office.

The first major puzzle is figuring out how to get into Anton’s file cabinet by finding a key. You’ll find the keys behind some books at the top of the very first locker in the office.

The next step is to get into Chevez’ office, you can do so using the code 2178.

The game switches back to Madeleine as she ventures through The Assembly’s facility.

Madeleine will need to first complete a series of block puzzles. It’s pretty basic and you can see how you’re supposed to complete them with the video below.

After completing the puzzles with Madeleine, things switch back to Pearson where he needs to find virus samples after scouring through Chavez’ office.

Following the acquisition of the samples in the testing lab, you’ll need to find an access code to get into one of the other testing labs in order to examine the samples. The code to get into Sasha’s office is 5402, you’ll find the code in Larsen’s lab by examining the computer.

Your main objective is to find info on Project Pinfeather, locate the site and track down a sample of Cassius F. You’ll find the data about Cassius F in 2a Lab, the Combined Studies.

To get into the locked room in 2e Lab, Live Samples, you’ll need the code: 2810

The Assembly Test Site

After you check out Larsen’s lab again, he appears to be clear of any involvement with the Pinfeather project.

Head into the 2a Lab Combined Studies in the Plant Virology section and use the microscope to study the Cassius F sample strain to complete the mission objective.

After receiving the call from Chavez take the elevator up to Floor A to participate in Madeleine Stone’s trials.

The game then switches back to Madeleine, who must identity two killers in a mock dinner setup.

The first man at the end of the table is one of the killers and the teacher on the far end of the right hand side of the table is the second killer.

After completing the puzzle the game switches back to Caleb, who must simply travel through the facility to get to Madeleine’s testing.

First Caleb needs a portable drive to download the Cassius F data to a drive, so you’ll have to get into Dr. Nakamura’s office in order to access the drive stash.

Head into Dr. Chopra’s lab and collect the dossier from the cabinet from within the testing lab. Head into Dr. Tanner’s office and read the computer e-mails in order to recreate the experiment from lab 5d.

The Assembly - Lab 5d Experiment

You’ll need to find sugar, potassium chlorate and sulfuric acid.

The sulfuric acid is located in Dr. Chopra’s lab where you get the dossier, that’s lab 5d if you check the map.

You’ll find the sugar in the recreation room on the coffee table, it’s in the very center between the cups.

To access the 5g Office Planning room, use the door access code: 2012. Inside you’ll find some medieval style goblets inside of a locker, take them.

You’ll find the potassium chlorate in lab 5i… it’s located on the desk to your left once you enter into the room.

Head back to lab 5d, Dr. Chopra’s lab, and put the items onto the testing tables. Proceed to turn on the machine from the other side of the room to cause an explosion and get Nakamura to leave her office.

Head to Nakmura’s office and grab the portable drive from the desk and put the goggles onto the mount along with the drive to copy the data.

Proceed to control room 5c to start the test.

The game switches back to Madeleine, having players partake in a mini-game where a simulation test must be run to minimize the death toll of an outbreak. You can see how to complete the strategy management mini-game with the video below.

After the rigged mini-game you’ll end back up in the shoes of Caleb who must make a transport request using the computer. Log into the computer to request a transport. A transport request will be denied so you’ll have to travel to Gerard to talk to him personally.

Take the elevator downstairs and head to room 3d.

In order to access the security door you’ll need to input the passcode: 1997.

You’ll find the F-class master key in the locker, which will enable you to open all the doors on the residential floor.

Gerard will deny Caleb a transport out, but you can still gain access to the transport by first going into the room across the hall, which is 3e Personal Quarters for Dr. Brothers, using security code: 8452.

head into Dr. Shaw’s room and turn on the speaker system. This will force Gerard to leave his room to complain about the noise. This should then allow you access to Gerard’s room.

Use Gerard’s private terminal to arrange for a transport. You’ll need to find the password first before you can access the terminal.

Anton will call Caleb before a password can be found and requests to meet in Block I-1.You’ll need to take the elevator to get there.

The game will switch back to Madeleine, at which point you’ll need to complete another puzzle. You can see how to complete the puzzle using the video as a guide below.

After the mind-reading puzzle and Madeleine is informed that her father ratted her out, she has to make a series of decisions that determine whether or not she joins The Assembly. Players will have to make some hard decisions concerning life and death.

Players can choose to join The Assembly by picking up the glasses in the office at the end of the game. You can refuse joining The Assembly by clicking on the chair behind the Director.

No matter what decision you make, though, Dr. Madeleine Stone ends up being recruited by The Assembly, while Caleb Pearson is captured thanks to a ruse by the AI named ADAM. At the end, however, ADAM also turns on the Director after the Director attempts to have the AI shutdown.

The Assembly is available right now for PC over on the Steam store for $10.


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