Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Only Sells 50,000, According To Analyst
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2016)

Some of the first reports about sales figures are starting to come in and it doesn’t look good for the Wii U exclusive, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. The game has reportedly only managed to move 50,000 SKUs at retail during June. The game originally launched on June 24th in North America and Europe and on June 25th in Australia.

According to Go Nintendo, they picked up their news from market analyst ZhugeEX from a series of tweets on Twitter, where he states…

“Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE performed as expected at retail in the US during June. Around the 50k mark on Wii U, nothing amazing.


“Digital sales of the game should boost that number above during June, but not significantly so. The game didn’t bomb at least.”

ZhugeEX must have a different definition of “bombing” because a game like Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris managed to sell 200,000 copies in a single day, according to PC Gamer, and that’s a fairly niche game in a fairly niche sub-genre.

Stardew Valley almost managed to move several hundred thousand copies over the course of a couple of weeks after release with a nearly non-existent marketing campaign, as noted by Niche Gamer. Within two months the game had sold a million copies.

According to Steam Spy, the indie game RimWorld from Ludeon Studios has already moved 66,000 copies since its debut four days ago on July 15th. It’s already managed to surpass Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and I’ve never seen RimWorld advertised or promoted anywhere.

Most gamers are saying that 50,000 units being sold for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is abysmal. It may be a niche title but something closer to 100,000 would have been a lot more acceptable. In fact, on its first day out in Japan it moved 26,340 copies, as reported by Siliconera.

On the Go Nintendo article, user Artten explains that 50,000 in sales for a game like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is not good…

“with a lack luster advertising effort and needless Censorship that went into catering to and audience that’s not there, you end up neglecting the one that is, the anime and J RPG fandom. And that fandom is a lot bigger than 50,000 on the Wii U. Frankly I believe money spent on the censoring of this game was wasted, and if it had been spent more effectively on targeted advertising, sales would probably be better.”

It’s true that the game was needlessly censored from top to bottom (literally, in regards to the clothing). Some entire segments were removed (such as the DLC where the characters appeared in swimwear) and lots of the cleavage, bare midriffs and thighs were also censored on the female characters. In one quite bizarre instance the localization team even removed the female pelvic bones from the character meshes in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

Artten makes a good point that the money spent censoring the game, removing content, paying artists and modelers to completely change entire costumes and characters, all could have gone into marketing the game instead.

It was also suggested that Nintendo should consider hiring XSeed Games to do the localization for them when it comes to releasing titles in the West, because right now Nintendo seems to be utilizing methods that only seems to turn gamers off from purchasing their titles. Heck, with the import sales of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, it shows that thousands upon thousands of gamers (as noted by Getmatsu) – even in the West – are willing to pay to experience a Japanese title that isn’t censored.

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  • rergerger

    50k in a territory with a population 5 times that of Japan (Where the game sold 24k) is dismal.
    For the american release to be as “successful” as the Japanese flop it would have required to sell at least 200k.

  • TT

    Not too surprised, I’ve yet to pick it up myself, had there been no censorship, I’d have been much more willing. I want Nintendo to succeed, which is why I agree that they should’ve used xseed to do the localizations.

  • juanton

    Well going by this poll we can see that they have lost at least 80 sales form the people who did this poll alone. It would be nice to see the poll fill up more those to increase the sample size.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Game of the Year, huh?

  • Richárd Duska

    I’m actealy glad that it bombed. Not because I have anything against the game(of course) but because this just showes that the method that they are using is beyond bad! With FE Fates the only reason why they get away with the whole censoreship and such is because of the massive amount of advertisement.

  • I’d honestly have considered a Wii U if Nintendo didn’t fuck up their games. Xenoblade X, Fatal Frame 5, Fire Emblem Fates and now this, and this really hurts because I loved Persona.

    Nintendo should honestly be banned from making or localizing anime-like games, or better yet; they should go out of business.

    • Alex Chaudhari

      How triggered are you to think a company has to go out of business?

  • MusouTensei

    It used to be my most anticipated game of 2016, then they censored it, badly, now I’m on the lookout for a used copy, then I’ll hack my Wii U and make this game great again.
    What they have done to this game and some others in recent times made me turn away from Nintendo, I havn’t bought a Nintendo product since Xenoblade X (unless you count a 3rd party game with Project X Zone 2), not even Starfox Zero.

  • Alistair

    Ninty doesn’t get the point that censorship is of course a money losing thing with lost of sells dont believe what the censorship crowd or the dont care group.

    When they say censored games doesn’t make lost sells but increase it. Who laughing now.

    My lost of intreast to ninty has increase by founding out ninty called GG as a hate group.

    Now what consider a Hate group and Hate speech that the SJWs use often so what is it?

    The word Hate is tie to many examples i hate that game, i hate that song, i hate Censorship i hate it when people tell me against my will, i hate salards.

    I hate journalism corruption etc, i hate benefits cuts do any of these scream hate crimes to you. In short just having opposite view people called you out and be branded a troll especially if you criticism of women.

    People are latching on pet hates as hate groups and hate crimes.

    • TT

      “When they say censored games doesn’t make lost sells but increase it.”
      wait, did Nintendo actually say that?

      • Alistair

        No they didn’t I hear that a lot you also hear the angument about censoring games to get lower rating to get a much wider audience.

        Censorship doesn’t deliver on that taking Criminal girls 1 & 2 both censored & still end up with highest rating of 18.

        • TT

          Oh. Well tbh i wouldn’t be surprised if companies PR started saying that as well.
          And I don’t know much about Criminal Girls save the censorship…which is weird, considering what looks like S&M fanservice, it’s not exactly something you can tone down to appeal to a wider audience. NiSA has definitely been making me wary lately

  • Daryl Corey

    It was never going to sell alot but it would have sold more if Nintendo had not butchered it. The Mega Ten fan base are less forgiving than Nintendo’s normal customers

  • Agitatius

    Just wanted to contribute: Me, too, didn´t buy the game because of the censorship. I was really hyped for the game, but after Project Zero, Xenoblade X and Fire Emblem Fates, I couldn´t justify supporting this ridiculous censorship anylonger. :/

    • Outside of Nintendo, I was really looking forward to Blade & Soul. The developers/company promised us that the Western version would be uncensored.

      The result is that it’s been butchered to death by the SJW/feminist localizers.

      And if you tried to talk about it on the main forums, either the thread becomes locked or you get banned for it.

      Censorship is cancer.

  • Vanadise

    > ZhugeEX must have a different definition of “bombing” because a game like Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris managed to sell 200,000 copies in a single day, according to PC Gamer, and that’s a fairly niche game in a fairly niche sub-genre.

    200k is absolutely fantastic for anything that’s not a AAA release from a major publisher. Seriously, it’s funny that you later mention XSEED, because XSEED employees have said before that for most of their games they consider 10k to be a big success. Trails in the Sky definitely didn’t sell over 50k in its first month, and I’ll bet it cost a lot more to localize than TMS:FE did…

  • C G Saturation

    Have to wonder what those numbers would be like if there wasn’t a censorship removal patch.

    • DizzyGear

      Prolly the same since you need a hacked console capable of playing backups. I doubt many people having such a console actually bought the game and dumped the ISO themselves instead of torrenting it.

      • Close enough to being the same, but I’m sure at least some people will still buy the game themselves once they are sure that they can play it uncensored even if it isn’t that convenient to dump the ISO themselves.

        • You don’t need to sell like Splatoon (a million sold in any individual region) to avoid being a bomb.

          Exactly. That’s why I compared the sales of TMS #FE to other sub-genre niches on PC, which sold extremely well but didn’t sell in the millions right off the bat. 200,000 is great for a niche game… whether that’s in a day, a week or even a month. 50,000 for a niche game set within a universe using two well recognized brands is most definitely terrible.

          Something like the T2 Arcade game is a niche genre using a popular brand, and it sold well.

          If TMS #FE had managed 100,000 then I definitely think you could say it did decently.

  • Clairity

    B-but, controversy sells! Censorship is good for the game!

    I’m sad that TMS ended up like this, but if we’re lucky, this might teach Nintendo not to give us bullshit “localizations” anymore. If they don’t want to localize a game with sexual themes, then they shouldn’t localize it – getting rid of those themes is just absurd.

    • TT

      What I don’t get is that it wasn’t even THAT sexual though. Like, even for the topics at hand, some of the censored stuff was pretty tame to begin with.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Would have bought it if it hadn’t been butchered to hell. Nintendo has lost a lot of sales from me lately because of this shit. What sucks is now with Pokemon Go being so successful, they will probably stop caring about their other shit even more and allow Treehouse or whoever to run rampant and butcher games even more.

  • Mike Campbell

    To be fair the Japanese version bombed as well

    • I’m not so sure about that one. It is hard to believe they expected it to be one of the Wii U’s best selling titles or to see as much as Xenoblade X.

      If we see a statement confirming that it bombed, we can be sure, for now, we definitely know that it didn’t chart for more than a week but other RPGs have done worse like Omega Quintet (PS4 Idol RPG) which sold a third of that first week.

      You don’t need to sell like Splatoon (a million sold in any individual region) to avoid being a bomb.

  • JoeSislack

    Considering the western market is far bigger than japan, yeah I’d say it was a bomb, even for a niche title.

  • Brad Donald

    At this point I would rather not have Japanese games if they are going to be censored to hell and back. I want the Japanese game. Not some castrated SJW wankfest.

    • It’s weird that some of the commenters on Go Nintendo are saying that they don’t know why the game didn’t sell more, but it was pretty obvious that enough people from across the web on lots of different gaming communities said they weren’t going to buy it due to the censorship. That’s not to say that these people would have made the game sell a bazillion copies, but as proven with titles like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, if it’s left intact and made complete, people are willing to shell out for a niche game that stays true to itself.

      Marketing it as a true, niche JRPG would have done Nintendo and Atlus wonders. Instead, they paid out gobs of money to localizers to completely gut the game. If I had realized any project under my supervision had a higher budget in removing content as opposed to advertising to an audience who would have purchased the game, I would have fired everyone involved with that decision.

      • Brad Donald

        After how we were treated for complaining about the FE awakening censorship. Something I also refused to buy that I actually wanted BTW. Because I wanted the Japanese game, not some censored and badly localized cut content SJW garbage. I also passed on this game That I originally wanted. The games appealed to me because of the JAPANESE aesthetics, when you cut them out its no longer what I wanted.

    • I’ve personally started learning Japanese because of this continuing bullshit.

  • LurkerJK

    Censorship, bad publicity, exclusive to a niche and obsolete console…. what did they expect ?

    If they released for PC i would probably buy it although i would rather have Persona 5, i will not buy a wiiu to play this game, at most its a game i might play in an emulator eventually

  • Etherblaze

    Don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, censorship and butchering this bad shouldn’t be supported. On the other hand, JP companies might send these games to the west less.

    • A lot of localizers, such as NISA, are really taking the piss with their censorship now that it’s looking more and more to do with kowtowing to the SJW-feminism ideology that has infested and ruining the video games industry.

      The sheer amount of work and dedication NoA and Atlus put in to censor TMSFE for the West is an absolute disgrace.

      So therefore I would rather the Japanese developers/companies not make these games officially available to the West. What’s the point when gamers are denied the full experience? Why disrespect the original creator/artist of his/her material?

      Also, if Japanese companies deny the West their games, it will bring a positive effect. And this effect will be that it will bring everyone’s attention to this issue and FINALLY wake up the average brain-dead drones and likely change the censorship apologist’s minds.

    • C G Saturation

      That’s what happens when everything boils down to buy or not buy. You can’t adequately express matters of importance that way.