Tokyo Warfare Uses Real Life Locations For Destructive Tank Battles

Indie developer Pablo Vidaurre Sanz recently released Tokyo Warfare onto the Steam store. It’s a 3D arcade game centered around real life locations based on Tokyo, Japan.

Gamers are able to hop into a mammoth tank and fight on behalf of the Japanese Defense Force against the invading Red Star Forces. The game is a throwback to the classic arcade tank games from years ago. They’re a style of game we don’t get to see often (or at all) in the mainstream space, and gamers looking for that small bit of nostalgia might find it in the 3D shooter from Sanz.

The environments are large scale, sandbox-style designs that afford players the ability to destroy objects and buildings with anime-inspired effects. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game has a sort of semi photo-realistic appeal to it but overlaid with some color highlighting to give the game a sort of anime look.

But what’s more is that the game offers different filters for the game so that you can modify the way the game looks and give it the sort of filtered look that best appeals to your visual tastes.

In addition to the game’s CPU versus mode there’s also a multiplayer lobby for public games. You can hop in, duke it out with other players and blow stuff up.

The development on the game isn’t entirely finished. They have plans on expanding the playable tanks and the maps featured in the title. There’s even VR support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

It seems like it might be a fairly intense game if you do have a VR HMD on hand.

If Tokyo Warfare seems like the kind of game to fit your action tastes, feel free to check the game out on the Steam store page where it’s available for $14.99.


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