Triple X Tycoon, Adult Entertainment Sim Greenlit For Steam
Triple X Tycoon

In the same way that Donald J. Trump is trolling hard in American politics, developers Joy-Toilet were campaigning just as hard to get gamers hard in order to vote for Triple X Tycoon as a game worth having front and center on the Steam store. Well, in the same way that Trump clinched his butt-cheeks and secured the nod from the Republican National Committee, Joy-Toilet managed to get enough votes to have Valve clinch their butt-cheeks around Triple X Tycoon and accept it into the Steam family.

The indie developers recently made a post over on the Steam Greenlight page, indicating that yes, they’ve officially been Greenlit.

According to Joy-Toilet, they see this as opportunity to bring more adult gamers more adult games, saying in the press notice…

“We see Steam as becoming an increasingly open platform for developers in the niche adult games scene looking to spend more time and money developing entertaining games that can appeal to more people.”

The game sees players having to build up and manage their adult entertainment business. This includes hiring cameramen, hiring workers, renting studio space and trying to reach an audience. They have up a NSFW gameplay video of Triple X Tycoon that you can check out below to see how the game plays and what you can expect from the smut-filled experience.

Now, one of the big topics of discussion on the Greenlight page was censorship.

Obviously Steam is not going to let people see game where you can put a bana split in a cherry pie. So there will need to be some concessions made if they plan on having this little title hoisted up on the front page of the Steam store. I mean… we can’t let little Timmy find out about mandingo parties and Trixy’s tricks. He might be enticed to enter into the esteemed profession of female dog slapping and having a stable of fairies.

Nevertheless, a lot of fans who upvoted Triple X Tycoon have requested for an uncensored patch once the game does become available. This way you can see all the hot dogs being placed in buns until your heart is content… with plenty of mustard to spare.

Now Triple X Tycoon will feature a progressive set of options and rules within the adult entertainment world, starting with the 1970s and moving through the rise of VHS and movie theaters right up to the world of VR porn… yep, the same kind Mark Zuckerberg is desperately trying to ban because he either wants to keep it all for himself or he probably won’t be able to knock the addiction once he gets started. Either way, you’ll be able to experience the good, the bad, the heart ache and the triumph when you run your own porn business in Triple X Tycoon.

For more info on this NSFW game, feel free to visit the Steam Greenlight page.


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