Weekly Recap July 16th: FTC Goes After WB Games, Valve Purges CS: GO Gambling

You could chalk this week up as one that inspired a sense of great justice and moral integrity being upheld within the video game industry. The Federal Trade Commission went hard after Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment after they paid off YouTubers to explicitly promote Shadow of Mordor with words of positivity without disclosure. Later in the week the industry had that news followed up by Valve bringing the mighty banhammer of Lord Gaben down upon the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive peasants like Thor breaking the bodies of the Ice Giants with Mjolnir.

Privatized civic justice and institutional corporate justice wasn’t the only headlines of the week. We also saw Polygon updating the articles on their site after being called out for a lack of disclosure involving their founding editor and an organization named Games For Change. Deep Freeze also updated their database with additional entries for Patricia Hernandez from Kotaku, Brian Crecente from Polygon and a former journalist for Destructoid, Laura Kate Dale. These stories and so much more, in this ethics-infused July 16th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Polygon Updates Disclosure On Articles

Polygon’s founding editor Brian Crecente updated his articles containing mentions of Games For Change, adding disclosures to the bottom of those pieces notifying people about his connection to the organization. N4G’s moderation team has been called into question regarding their practices regarding the topic of Social Justice Warriors, leading some to believe that the site favors SJWs. Careful downloading Pokemon GO from third-party sites… there’s a DroidJack exploit going around that could leave you bereft of important personal information. Tons of new information was revealed for Warframe during TennoCon 2016, including an all new anime and brand new content for the free-to-play MMO. And Evolve Stage 2 has seen a massive increase in its player base after going free-to-play, jumping up from 127 daily users to 40,000 daily users.


FTC Chastises WB Games On Paid Shadow Of Mordor Reviews

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment messed up big time by hiring Plaid Social to do their dirty work in paying YouTubers to promote Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The FTC sniffed up the corruption and went to work on them, exposing Warner Bros., and making a prime example of what not to do. The Tomb Raider franchise is heading back to movie theaters, this time with a new movie based on the rebooted games and starring a much younger Lara. The Just Cause 3 mod team are also calling it quits on the JC3 MP mod because the leader of the team got hired directly by Avalanche Studios. That’s a wise move on his part and hopefully he can bring some of the JC2 MP magic to Just Cause 3. And speedrunners have managed to raise $1.2 million for SGDQ and the Doctors Without Borders organization, which should help greatly in providing relief to those suffering ailments the world around.


Valve Cracking Down On CS: GO Gambling Sites

After lawyers and the FTC got involved with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling rings, Valve decided to distance themselves from these operations by announcing that they would be cracking down on them and shutting down the ones that are breaking the terms of service. The banhammer is about to drop. A Star Citizen backer managed to get a $3,000 refund after going to the Attorney General’s office, forcing CIG to comply or end up in a rather rough legal situation. The Ghostbusters movie tie-in game from Activision didn’t fare too well with users when it came to the reviews. An Unreal Engine 4-powered Chex Quest HD remake is in the works, for those of you who grew up playing the cereal-based super hero. And Farming Simulator 2017 is due for release this October for PC and home consoles, with the extra twist that consoles will be getting mod support.


Deep Freeze Updates Database With More Corruption

DeepFreeze.it has been updated with brand new additions under the entries for Polygon editor Brian Crecente, Kotaku writer Patricia Hernandez, and former Destructoid editor Laura Kate Dale. Twitch.tv has clamped down on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling sites, banning them from being broadcast on user channels. This comes shortly after Valve announced that they would be cracking down on these sites for using the OpenID API in violation of the subscriber agreement. Evolve Stage 2 has managed to attract more than a million new players, and there’s an all new Pokemon Go Pokedrone in the works that should make it easier to catch ’em all.


CS: GO Gambling Sites Start Shutting Down

The landscape of Counter-Strike might be changing soon. The game’s third-party gambling and betting culture has been hit hard now that the FTC is involved and lawyers are revving up their pens and checkbooks. Valve has dropped the banhammer on their OpenID API being used by these unsanctioned sites, and like roaches of corruption under the floodlight of justice, they’ve closed up shop faster than the Irish during the 1967 riot in Detroit. A new Xbox One S limited edition was announced, this time featuring a Crimson red livery, themed after Gears of War 4. A new MMORTS sandbox game called Foxhole is on the way. This year’s EVO tournament series taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada is currently underway and you should check it out if you have time. Berserk will launch in the West this fall for PC, PS4 and PS Vita… and it’s going to be one heck of a trigger session for the SJWs. And the frisky visual novel Boku To Koisuru Ponkotsu Akuma will launch uncensored on Denpasoft later this year.


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