Weekly Recap July 9th: CS: GO Gambling Scandal Rocks Gaming

The entirety of this week was defined by the scandal known as CS: GO Lotto and the YouTubers who are attached to the site as owners. After discovering that one of the gambling sites operating out of Russia staged their promotions with YouTubers to rig the winnings for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gear, it led many others to assume other Counter-Strike gambling sites have also been rigging their promotions as well, all in a bid to lure in young betters.

At the center of the controversy has been Trevor A. Martin and Tom Cassell, top-tier YouTubers with millions of subscribers. Many feel as if Martin and Cassell have misled their viewers and have been illicitly promoting their gambling wares to underage gamers. This whole thing isn’t just about to blow over, though. Dozens of gamers have already sought to file civil lawsuits against the YouTubers and their gambling sites, while the FTC has made it known that they are well aware of what’s going on. This whole scandal took gaming by storm this week, but there are more stories as well that were headlining the news in this July 9th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Consumers Defend Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Censorship

The media has done a grand job in convincing people that censorship is a good thing. Customers of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE have come out in support of the game being censored, defending Nintendo’s censorship to cover up the females with unnecessary edits. A new VR project called the Chernobyl VR Project sees users taking a virtual tour through the ruins of Pripyat. A new Battle Royale style survival game called The Other 99 is set to arrive on Steam’s Early Access platform, and unlike the other multiplayer survival games out there, it’s a single-player, story driven survival gem. There’s a new shooter on the way currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight called Blister, it’s a Rainbow Six-inspired game that looks pretty impressive to be an indie title. And one of the most popular horror games of the year, Layers of Fear, will be receiving some new DLC called Inheritance come August 2nd.


YouTubers Caught In CS: GO Gambling Scandal

The scandal involving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the YouTubers that were promoting a gambling site through their channels while also being the owners of the company has rocked the gaming landscape. The gambling scene in CS: GO has always been shady, but it took a real turn for the worst following the news about TmarTn and ProSyndicate trying to get underage kids to gamble through their website. A partial follow-up also saw another YouTuber disclosing ties to a gambling affiliate, revealing that he worked with the company to rig the unboxing videos in order to help promote the site, SteamLoto.org. Follwoing this news, Reddit’s /r/Games moderators have actually been going out of their way to censor the news about the YouTube scandals, pretending as if it’s not censorship at all. A cool new game that’s a mix of Renaissance artwork and Monty Python is on the way called Four Last Things. Sekai Project announced that one of the most lauded cyberpunk, action-RPG visual novels over in Japan called Baldr Sky will be making its way westward. And Chase: Cold Case Investigations is scheduled to launch this fall for the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s a very different kind of adventure point-and-click murder-mystery game.


Rolling Stone New The UVA Rape Story Was Fake

E-mails have been released showing that the editors at the Rolling Stone knew the story was fake shortly after publishing the UVA rape case. However, despite talks about retracting the story, they held to their guns and stuck it out. They were going to live and die by the narrative. Amazingly, this is exactly why #GamerGate has gone on for so long, given that the media has refused to step back from their published falsehoods. By 2020 the online gaming space is expected to blast up to $46.6 billion. E-mails leaked by PsiSyndicate have implicated SteamLoto as a gambling site that organized the rigging of unboxing videos in order to dupe people into visiting the site. The PBS gaming channel Game/Show has officially been cancelled. A new game called Wanted Skies: Recihborn puts players in the role of evil German Nazis, and Red Dead Redemption is now playable via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.


FTC Says They’re Aware Of The Counter-Strike: GO Gambling Scandal

The Federal Trade Commission are not standing by idly, they’re well aware of what’s been going on in the circles of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Various individuals have been sending in reports about the issues of misleading promotions and gambling scams from these sites and YouTubers, hoping that justice will be served… like a cold dish. G2A has opted to improve their front-end for users, offering more authentication and security facilities for those wishing to make trades and sell their wares. Riders of Icarus has officially entered into open beta for Western gamers, enabling them to acquire and mount all manner of quadrupedal and aerial beasts alike. Some boss guides might help you get past some of the challenges in Furi. And the survival game The Other 99 has been delayed from July to August.


Gamers Attempt To Sue Over CS: GO Lotto Scandal

More than several dozen gamers are trying to organize a class action lawsuit against CS: GO Lotto for fraud and misleading services. This was revealed during an Ask Us Anything session by three attorneys who have been watching this case unfold. A new game called Age of Barbarians Arena is set to launch on Steam if it gets Greenlit, and it features lots of scantily clad fighters in gruesome one-on-one matches. One of the best games from the sixth generation of gaming has been re-leased with HD support on the PlayStation 4… that’s right, The Warriors is currently available as a digital download on Sony’s latest console. And a new game called Watch This! is all about surviving a TV show where you have to dodge traps, avoid being killed and will try as hard as possible to find a safe space away from all the mayhem, carnage and death.


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