Xbox One Summer Update Adds Cortana To The Dashboard

Over on Major Nelson’s blog they revealed what’s contained within the Xbox One’s summer update, which is available right now for all Xbox One owners.

The update contains the new Cortana AI, which can dynamically interact with users through Kinect 2.0.

They demonstrate how Cortana can work in a near seven minute video below featuring Mike Ybarra, the head of program engineering at the Xbox division. You can check out the video below.

Some of the features of Cortana is kind of cool… and also kind of creepy. For instance, you can ask Cortana what some of your friends are doing and she’ll spy on them and tell you. For parents, this will be interesting, because if their kid is away at college and they go full Rule 34 YOLO using their Xbox One, the parents can ask Cortana what their kid is doing and she’ll roll out all the dirt. I wonder if she can take pictures, too?

Nevertheless, they also reveal that instead of yelling at your Xbox like it’s some kind of retarded metal monkey, you instead say “Hey, Cortana!” and whether you say it sexy or say normally, she’ll respond.

I’m sure a lot of people will feel this makes Kinect a lot less creepy even though it can still spy on you having sex, as reported by IB Times.

One of the genuinely cool features in the new summer update for the Xbox One is that you can choose your language and region separately. As they mention in the video, you can set your region to a censorship heavy country like Germany, but then use the language of people who actually value freedom… like American English. So even if you live in a backwoods country that excretes censorship into every facet of your life, you can still communicate with your friends and family using a langauge of freedom.

Now one of the other really cool features is background music. They’ve finally decided to re-implement one of the most popular features that were made available right out of the box for the OG Xbox and Xbox 360.

Congratulations Microsoft for re-adding a feature that was present in your original console 15 years ago. If you have a slow clap gif with a person expressing nothing short of pity on their face, now is the time to use it.

They will add it where you can use multiple services and apps to play background music, from Pandora to the Xbox Music service to USB sticks all the way to the original DLNA support from your home computer network.

Background music isn’t available just yet in the summer update but it will be coming soon.


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