ABZU Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The new game for the PlayStation 4 and PC is centered around a journey into the ocean called Abzu is sort of like this generation’s Journey. The title is made by developers Giant Squid and published by 505 Games. If you’re curious wha thte game is like or need a little help getting through it, there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available.

Abzu is only an hour and a half long, the length of an average movie. There’s a video walkthrough provided by YouTuber MKIceandFire that covers Giant Squid’s title from start to finish, showing gamers the basics of using the right trigger to dive, the left trigger to ride on fish and the analogs to gracefully navigate the underwater ecosystem. You can check out the video below.

After activating the two drones you’ll need to head down and through the caves. The objective is to find little triangles and activate them along the way.

If you continue to move through the caves you’ll come upon a section with a glowing portal at the bottom of the chasm. Swim into the portal to head into the next segment where there’s a glowing gazebo of sorts with another one of those glowing triangles inside. After activating it the chasm will fill up with water and plant life will begin to grow. The door to the next area will then open up for you.

After traveling through a few more sections one of the drones will be destroyed by a shark. You’ll eventually swim through a triangular door that leads into the next segment.


There’s a cool segment where the diver can group together some fish while swimming through some cavernous pockets. It’s a fast little segment that leads out into a an open area. Head down toward a section that looks as if it’s blocked by some kind of fungi gate. The drone will open the gate for you and lead you into the next area.

Despite the game’s somewhat open-ended nature, the flow of the game is rather linear, not unlike Journey. There are no on-screen HUD indicators or anything to distract from what’s happening on screen. A lot of the “story” is actually told through the transitions from one segment to the next and the music that sets the tone.

When you get tot he segment where there’s a school of fish just in front of the giant triangle door, you can head down to a pillar and sit on a rock and meditate to observe and look at some of the fish before heading into the next segment.

In the orange-hued area you’ll need to activate the valves attached to the chain pulleys that are keeping the main exit door locked.

Simply follow each of the chains to the pulley system. One is located in a cave behind a blue fungi door, while another is located in the corner of the area on the left-hand side.


As the game transitions into the school of whales, you’ll come across some dangerous Illuminati mines. Make sure you avoid touching them.

After traveling through another tunnel you’ll need to free a shark trapped by one of the machines before proceeding back out into the open where you’ll encounter a few more whales and a pathway to the next portal that leads towards the next level.

You’ll venture through the ruined ship and need to avoid the mines. After you get to the final Illuminati machine, the shark will attempt to stop the Illuminati master only to get electrocuted. The diver also gets electrocuted and it’s revealed that the diver is actually a robot.


The stage ends with the diver losing its suit and its naked metallic body being exposed.

In the next stage the diver attempts to revive the shark but it’s a lost cause an the shark dies.

After traveling through to the underground city, you’ll have to activate another wench to open the doors and travel up a tower to get the next segment where you must dive back into the water and activate another glowing triangle to fill up the bowl in front of the fish’s mouth just in front of the center gazebo.

You can also ride the Lock Ness monster if you want while activating more of the fish heads to get the water flowing throughout the stage. Once all the fish heads are activated the giant door will open for you to exit.

In the final segment the diver manages to get a hold of a spirit version of the shark and it’s possible to ride it around and destroy all of the Illuminati triangles by crashing the shark into them. Destroying each of them will raise the water level and unlock a new area to explore. Rinse and repeat destroying the Illuminati triangles until you get to the final triangle.

In the final segment the diver and the spirit shark blast through the army of the mines and then finally destroy the main Illuminati triangle in the spaceship, causing underwater plant life to grow out of it as the game fades to black and the credits begin to roll.


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