Agony’s GamesCom Trailer Contains Lots Of Flowing Blood And Demons
(Last Updated On: August 19, 2016)

MadMind Studio’s Agony received a new trailer during this year’s GamesCom. The Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person horror game features some striking imagery as players journey through the very depths of hell, attempting to avoid the eternal weight of agony.

The eight minute video features the player character walking around in a dark room with nothing but a torch as they examine the grotesque surroundings. Moving parts, splurting blood and anatomically disturbing statues litter the area, along with the decorations of human bones and the incessant, liquid flow of blood. You can check out the probably NSFW trailer below.

This is one of those atmospheric trailers where the game developers want players to soak in the environment and the themes. You can’t really make out too much of what’s going on or where the player is supposed to be going or what they’re supposed to be doing. All you know is that they’re trying to avoid suffering the agony of whatever those hell creatures want to do the main character.

The interactions are limited for the most part, with the player only having a torch to wave around to either fend themselves off and attempt to see what’s going on.

The clip ends after the player gets to a row of statues, where a multi-limb creature comes and begins to attack the player.

After that the video ends and we get a montage of gory, viscerally frightening imagery that players are likely to encounter from Agony. It’s not a game for the faint of heart.

The plodding pace and atmosphere reminds me a little bit of Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh fused with something like Amnesia… with a nice injection of LSD spawned from the vomit of Hellraiser.

The game will allow players to possess demons and control others along the way. They don’t say exactly what the end game is here but Agony is shaping up to be a harrowing horror game that really pushes some limits and boundaries, like a less obnoxious version of Dante’s Inferno.

You can look for this indie game to launch in early 2017 for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. For more info feel free to check out the Steam page or feel free to visit the official website.

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  • Hawk Hopper

    I really like this vision of hell. It’s a mixture of bones, muscles, blood, skin, twigs, roots, etc. It’s very cool and there’s a lot of detail.

    Now if only your character pulled out a double barrel shotgun…

    • It’s weird that we never get atmospheric games like this that are also hardcore shooters. It’s always one or the other: a fast-paced, corridor shooter with usually samey levels, or atmospheric walking simulators.

      Why can’t we have both?!

      • Hawk Hopper

        One game that looks more atmospheric and might (?) have some sort of combat would be Scorn (which I first heard about on this site), but they haven’t released a good showcase of the actual gameplay.

        The only other game that comes to mind that has this nasty sort of hell environment and fast combat was Requiem: Avenging Angel (a game a really need to play):

        • Requiem sounds familiar but after seeing it I really don’t remember that game at all. Gameplay reminds me a lot of Quake and SIN.

          But yeah, Scorn does seem to have some more combat-centric vibes to it. Would have to see more before deciding what to really think.

          It would have been kind of scary and kind of cool if DOOM 4 had the kind of hellscape featured in Agony.

          • Hawk Hopper

            Yeah, I wish the new Doom had went all the way with it’s hell environments.