Ark Survival Evolved: Here’s How To Tame The Allosaurus

Those who are desperately seeking information on how to tame the latest creatures in Ark Survival Evolved should fear no more. The carnivorous creature called the Allosaurus, who happens to be new, has appeared in the latest update v245. Ark Survival Evolved is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The Allosaurus is smaller but faster than the Tyrannosaurus, yet slower than the Carnotaurus. While labeled to be the most aggressive theropods, they are relatively solitary creatures that live in groups of three. One stands as the pack leader with two mates, or beta males behind it.

To make up for their stamina, they sport very vicious teeth that can cause serious bleed damage. As you can image, this increases the bleed-out damage if there are more than one attacking you, or a target.

The taming process for this one isn’t anything special, and doesn’t call for any catapults or heavy equipment to take it down. All you need is a few darts and some kibble (Diplo Eggs) and you’re good to go. This is demonstrated in the video below, which comes in by the ThickFreedom.

Looking over to the taming process, which also calls for Allosaurus hunters to come ready with a saddle, the first few attempt should be pretty easy even if you are a bit new to the scene. The saddle requires 320 Hide, 170 Fiber and 30 Metal.

At level 10 folks will find that it takes around 12 darts and some food like Prime Meat, or Diplo Eggs to tame it. It’s worth noting that this creature has high torpor like the Rex, but it tames faster than said creature if you knock it out.

As of now, most players only have a record for its stats (when taming of course) for level 15. Additionally, when taming a level 15 creature you will need a few darts (dart count is prone to change), 200 Narcotics, and 10 Diplo Eggs.

Although that’s it for this guide, I should note that since Ark: Survival Evolved is still in Early Access changes are likely to occur with the newly added creatures and their taming process.


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