Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing For VR Headsets Launches August 16th

Designed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Tastee Beverage Studios’ Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing has managed to secure a release date of August 16th for PC.

The futuristic racer is designed for VR HMDs, putting players in the world of a roller coaster-style cyber tracks where timing, wits and a loose trigger finger are required to win the races.

Designed using the Unity 5 3D game engine, Tastee Beverage’s title supports cross-platform multiplayer between Vive and Rift users, along with 20 different race tracks, three different combat arenas and a mixture of flight-oriented controls and arcade racing.

What’s more is that you don’t need a VR headset to enjoy Bank Limit, and it’s completely possible to utilize a gamepad or a mouse and keyboard to play the title if you don’t have 3D tracking motion controllers.

A few months ago there were demos up and available on YouTube where gamers experimented with and tested the gameplay of Bank Limit. You can see what one of those demonstrations looked like from an earlier build of the game courtesy of Game Hard 4.0.

One of the things they discuss in the press release is that there is a dogfighting mechanic in the game but it can be utilized with off-track aerial encounters. They explain it as follows…

“Players will mash the accelerator and blast away at rivals to reach the finish line first—even if it means they have to soar above the track to gain an advantage. Souped up with advanced tech, the ABR vehicles are capable of flight and players can blast into space for intervals of dogfighting.”

So imagine in F-Zero, you’re racing and you’re in third or fourth place and you need to get into first, so you elevate from the track surface and start flying towards first while shooting and blowing up anyone in your path. That’s some Speedracer stuff right there.

Bank Limit had a short run on Steam Greenlight back in June and was quickly given the thumbs up by Valve. The developers wasted little time in prepping the VR racing title for launch on the digital distribution storefront.

You can look for Bank Limit to be made available on the Steam store starting August 16th for $49.99. The head-tracking in the video above looks really on point, but hopefully they ironed out the depiction of speed so it looks like you’re actually going fast.

You can either check in on the Steam store page for more or visit the official website.


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