Bank Limit’s VR Launch Criticized For Lack Of Proper Vive Controller Support

Tastee Beverage Studios’ VR racing game for PC has launched on Steam for $49.99. Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing may be one of the first major VR racing titles made available for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, but according to the user reviews the game isn’t quite up to par when it comes to supporting Valve’s VR headset and its motion controllers.

Bank Limit allows players to hop into the game and play whether they have a headset or not, but it’s designed mostly to be played with a VR headset. What sets it apart from other games is that it’s possible to take flight and move from one segment of the track to the other similar to Distance, only you’ll be competing against other racers on the track, shooting and shunting and bumping along the way.

You get to see how the game plays out with the video below, where they showcase a lot of the tricky track elements that can be manipulated to take advantage of while blazing through the sci-fi races at high speeds.

While Bank Limit looks impressive in the trailer and features 20 tracks, three battle arenas and nine different weapons at your disposal, the game is receiving some negative remarks for the lack of proper controller support for the HTC Vive’s motion controllers.

ThreeJayKay wrote that he would be waiting for the game to be fixed before returning to Bank Limit. While he notes that the graphics are decent enough (save for the laser effects) and the gameplay is solid, the lack of tutorials for the motion controllers was a major turnoff…

“No tutorial, nothing that would explain the inputs. Especially on the Vive controllers. There’s a bunch of unsorted tips in the menu called “manual”. Gaze-based menu interaction even with Vive controllers. You can move your in-game hands, but they don’t really do anything. Confusing.


“Steering on the Vive controllers is done via touchpad, which feels very inferior to a gamepad. I switched to an xbox one controller almost immediately.”

This criticism was repeated by novatrix, who stated…

“I played on the Vive and I was unable to see my hand when driving. No instructions of how to shoot or how the controls works whatsoever. My player camera was completly unaligned with the driver. The race felt boring and unpolished. There was no sound effect when i was shooting my guns and no aim component… For 54 bucks i was expecting a AAA game or close and I got what felt like and alpha version of a B class game.”

KingPeuche had the exact same criticism as well, writing…

“You basically use the Vive controllers for their buttons, and not for the fact that they can detect movement. To give an example, if you use an Xbox controller instead of a Vive controller, you’re not losing anything in the slightest. This is absolutely unacceptable in a game worth 50 dollars. The Vive controllers should at least be able to point and click to interact with the menu, or should at least be used to steer the wheels as if you had a pretend steering wheel in your hands.”

If it were one or two reviews saying that the game’s HTC Vive controller support was poorly implemented then one could dismiss it, but the repeated claims of the poor support for the controller seems to point to an actual problem.

One of the common complaints (or requests, perhaps?) is that the game should have been in Early Access before launching in full. While some gamers may complain about Early Access, sometimes it can help with ironing out common problems like this that would prevent them from showing up for a full release.

Beyond that, there are some other minor complaints about the game not feeling quite as fast as it should, and there are also complaints that the sound effects aren’t quite up to par to what they should be.

Right now some users are stating that if Tastee Beverage Studios can fix the controls, add a tutorial and maybe make the game feel a bit faster they’ll return to the game and give it a thumbs up. We’ll see if more users have the same issue as well as more user reviews begin to file in. You can check out the Steam store page for more info or visit the official website.

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