Batman: Arkham VR Trailer Showcases PSVR Gameplay And Fan Reactions
Batman Arkham VR

One of the upcoming projects that has been receiving only lukewarm attention ahead of release is Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham VR, a virtual reality take on the Rocksteady Arkham games. They recently had a trailer released featuring more of the content from the upcoming VR project.

The footage comes from Rocksteady’s booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. While the game was initially unveiled a while back, here in the new trailer we get to see more of the gameplay and a little bit of feedback from the 500 or so people who tried on the PlayStation VR headset to test out Batman: Arkham VR. You can check it out below courtesy of the YouTube channel Batman Arkham.

Like many other games due for release on the PSVR, the Batman: Arkham VR title doesn’t actually see the player having arms in the actual game. Instead, there are disembodied Batman hands wearing black gloves. For some people in the comment section this was a bit jarring, but sadly this is how a lot of VR games are being made.

Some developers have made the excuse that putting actual arms and hands in the screen takes up too much space, but I can’t remember the last time I thought to myself “Wow, I wish I could see more of real life if only my hands and arms weren’t in the way.”

Batman: Arkham VR

We get to see a Batarang tossed at the wall, the Batsuit coming out of a capsule and a look at the cowl stationed in the Batcave.

We haven’t seen much more than what Rocksteady unleashed back at E3, where they explained that most of the game will revolve around surveying areas and investigating crime scenes as a more detective-oriented Batman, but I imagine we’ll likely see more footage of Batman: Arkham VR leading up to its October release for the PlayStation VR.


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