Bear With Me, Point-And-Click Noir Adventure Available For Download

Exordium Games’ point-and-click noir adventure, Bear With Me, has officially launched on PC through Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam, as well as on the Humble Bundle Store. The game is currently available for the low-low price of only $4.99.

Bear With Me takes the episodic approach to storytelling, breaking down its mystery across multiple entries. The game follows a 10-year-old girl, Amber, searching for her missing brother named Flint. Amber is joined by the soft-nosed and hard-voiced detective, Ted E. Bear.

The grumpy old gumshoe helps the little girl locate her brother while also dealing with an arsonist and another mystery plaguing paper city.

You can see what the animations and thematic elements are like with a well-presented game trailer below.

If you’re thinking this is kiddy game just because a 10-year-old girl is accompanied by a little stuffed teddy bear, you’ll have to think twice on that one. The themes and content definitely veer more toward the adult side based on what players will encounter throughout the game.

The story will also shape and mold itself around the decisions and choices made by the player, with an ending that is sculpted around non-linear storytelling.

As is usual with a lot of point-and-click games, there will be puzzles, interrogations and suspects to question. The art-style takes on the noir monochrome palette, with mostly blacks, whites and shades of gray filling out the game’s visual look. It’s a little like mixing American cartoons with 1930s detective films.

The early reviews from users are positive at the moment, so it’s certainly something you might want to check out if you enjoy point-and-click adventure games and you wanted something with bit of a dark twist to it… a little like Grim Fandango.

For more info you can either hit up the official website or visit the Humble Store or Steam store page to download a digital copy of the title.