CON Chat Leaks Were Sent To Kotaku, Polygon, Vice, IGN And Eurogamer
(Last Updated On: August 29, 2016)

Last week on Thursday night, Friday morning, at 12:25am August 26th, 2016, an anonymous user sent a media press package out containing the Skype chat logs that were leaked from the abuse specialist organization, Crash Override Network. The package contained an outlined, bullet point presentation of the chat log contents, informing journalists how they could run stories and what some of the highlights were of the text. The logs were sent to most major gaming and pop-culture online outlets.

The citizen journalist who sent the e-mail, signing the message as Anonymous, explained that no nefarious means were used to acquire the logs and pointed out that personal information that could be used to harass the individuals were redacted, writing…

“No hacking was involved in the obtaining of the leak, a member of the group approached us with it and we combed the logs for relevant information and redacted phone numbers, addresses and other such data (you can find these by searching for the word redacted).”

The press were notified in the e-mail that they would have exclusive access to the chat logs 24 hours ahead of a public release that would take place on various free-speech platforms. For those not in the loop, the full chat logs are currently available through sites like 8chan and Reddit. So yes, some of the major gaming sites out there had access to these logs well ahead of the public.

One Angry Gamer was included amongst a list of other notable outlets, including:

  • BoingBoing,
  • Destructoid,
  • Eurogamer,
  • Gamasutra,
  • IGN
  • Jezebel,
  • Kotaku (both their tips e-mail and Stephen Totilo’s personal address were given the heads-up)
  • Niche Gamer,
  • Polygon,
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun,
  • Salon,
  • The Escapist Magazine
  • Vice,

Various journalists such as Ian Miles Cheong, David Auerbach and Cathy Young were also contacted.

The message also contained graphs, showcasing how much each individual from the chat logs posted and what frequency they had in using the logs. You can view the images below in case you haven’t seen the graphs that were posted up on 8chan or Reddit.

View post on

Essentially all of the individuals in the e-mail chain and the sites listed above were put on blast by the anonymous individual as a “call to arms” to investigate the matter.

One of the entries at the top of the e-mail points out how Randi Harper, the infamous headliner behind the GG Autoblocker, was spearheading efforts to get people fired from their jobs, as outlined in a piece recently published here at One Angry Gamer

“Randi Harper of Online Abuse Prevention Initiative doxed a Facebook group in the chat. CON (partnered with Twitter-Support) members celebrate and discuss how they can get people fired. Katherine Cross of Feminist Frequency praises Harper for doing this.


“CON members discuss that one of their goals is to make it so “GamerGaters” are fired and never find work again.


“In one particularly egregious case, they reported a disabled purple heart recipient for nothing other than disagreeing with them.”

The press package even neatly highlighted some topics that have been commonly reported on by some sites, such as Jezebel’s obsession with gender politics. The e-mail laid out one particular scenario that should be right up the site’s alley, with the anonymous tipster writing…

“CON lied about the involvement of Rob Marmolejo (@UnseenPerfidy), who was recently accused of having sexually harassed up 20 women, while working for CON.”

The press package is very short and very to the point, containing various highlighted topics from within the chat logs that would gel with the topical themes of specific websites and their categorical reporting.

Previously, Michael Koretzky from the Society of Professional Journalists, advised those in #GamerGate  to spoon-feed journalists the information in easy-to-digest formats and with press packages that basically does all the work for them. The e-mail pertaining to the Crash Override Network leaks is basically a spoon-fed template for constructing an article around the various topics highlighted within the chat logs.

Whether or not other media outlets will actually pick up the info and run with it is a completely different story, but some outlets have already begun reporting on the leaks.

With Jezebel and Polygon having praised Crash Override Network in such a lovingly fashion in the past, one has to wonder if they will highlight the network’s members shortcomings when it comes to advocating doxxing, harassment, attempted blacklisting and corporate sabotage?

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  • ronin4life

    It seems no one is really reporting this, including GG style sites. Even oneAngrygamer is only discussing having recieved the info and aren’t detailing it very well despite this press package being so ‘neatly detailed’, days after the fact.

    Is there concern the info is not wholly accurate or reliable?

  • Alistair

    It looks like niche gamer not reported it, im not happy as they hate unehitcs and censorship. Oh well.

    I expected kotaku, eurogamer, and few others wont cover it.

    If niche gamer covers it i shall reedit my post. 🙂

  • Louise Mensch
    • Alistair

      Thanks it made grim reading, they cant hang on to their moral compass. Instend be the bullies instead.

    • I guess I should have mentioned by name some of the sites that were already reporting on it, but haha… yeah Heat Street would have been included in the “some sites” that are already reporting on it. 😛

    • I guess I should have mentioned by name some of the sites that were already reporting on it, but haha… yeah Heat Street would have been included in the “some sites” that are already reporting on it. 😛

  • Alistair

    Lets have another look of so-Called “helping with emotional support” Anti-GG Crash network helping with emotional support do you mean doxxing people and their losing their jobs you mean.

    Bunch of hypocrisy morons.

  • This will most likely be ignored by the mainstream SJW games media. Either that or their headlines on the issue will be:


    But getting the leaks out there to the games media is very important though, regardless if they cover it or not. It lets them know that people now have proof of their bullshit, and the more the leaks spread the more chance of normies, sheeple and new gamers get to see it.

  • Mr.Towel

    I’m wondering if they came up with the CON name specifically because they were planning to hit GG with con-artist like behavior…

  • Year Zero

    So now you have to “spoon-feed journalists the information in
    easy-to-digest formats and with press packages that basically does all
    the work for them.”
    Thank god Watergate happened 40+ years ago.

  • C G Saturation

    First thing that comes to my mind is that most of those sites are going to completely ignore the leak. I remember many of them doubling down and choosing to actively protect and promote the lies and liars. I’m also absolutely certain that some of them are being paid to push the regressive agenda.

    • Cole Pram

      “I’m also absolutely certain that some of them are being paid to push the regressive agenda.”

      I don’t think they’re being directly paid. The fact is, clickbait garbage sells. People click and read the articles **SPECIFICALLY** because they’re full of false information and people know it’s garbage.

      It’s like this one guy said, I can’t remember his name, when he creates a top ten list the first 8-9 entries are honest entries, then he sticks in some garbage entire at the first or second place because that gets people mad. They hate click the article a bunch of times going to the comments to complain, then they keep coming back to argue with people in the comments.

      Taking the regressive position is the same thing. Most people can see it’s shit, they go there to explain why or tell the author off, then they argue in the comments with the few dumbasses that do support it. So, yeah, indirectly the regressive agenda is paying them.

      • Ajt

        Actually no, the “Critical Distance” co,umn was an instance where numerous websites, such as the Escapist, were paid to run content generated by an arm of Silverstring Media/Sarkeesian and company for their political/social purpose.

      • C G Saturation

        Look up the Open Society Foundation leaks. From what I hear, it’s not direct, but they do give a lot of money to regressive groups like the crazy feminists. One of the leaks specifically mentions targeting video games to push their agenda. I’d link it to you, but the 4chan post and image that I saw seem to have been deleted.

      • ty2010

        They’re like MSM, DNC leak, Foundation leak, Soros leak, nothing to see here.

  • Maniate

    So the leaker exposes the con of CON and dares the gaming press to cover it at the same time. Well played, leaker, good game.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Yep. Totally brilliant play by the leaker, and this now sets GG up for the endgame even though those corrupt journo’s don’t realize it. It mighta taken us 2 years to get here, but a long game is always a PITA but the reward at the end makes that grind all the sweeter.

      • Cole Pram

        I hate to sound negative, but…

        Nothing will come of it. The gaming press aren’t going to cover it.

        To do so means they have to admit they backed the wrong horses. They know that would likely reignite GG and bring a hail of unwanted attention to their shitty practices (which they’ve worked hard to cover up over the last 2 years).

        The few that do cover it, like One Angry Gamer, aren’t big enough to make an impact outside people that already follow GG anyway.

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          Doesn’t actually matter if they cover it or not. The fact that they’re getting spoonfed info and refuse to cover the corruption is all that needs to be spread.

          • Cole Pram

            We’ll have to disagree on this. As far as I can tell, it’s only being spread in GG circles. We already know they’re corrupt. The issue is getting the average person on board. The one’s that stayed out of GG because they were lied to.

          • Though I do agree with ur assessment, this is also why it is important for us to do our job and spread this shit like the plague outside GG circles.

            Yeh they will ignore all of this and deny it, which has a tendency to make people look closer.

            IMO We have to stop tagging GG with, sure its related, buut the GG tag comes with baggage now, best to spread using alternative tags.

          • Elilla Shadowheart

            It only stays in GG circles if you sit there and say “it’s only staying in GG circles.”

          • “As far as I can tell, it’s only being spread in GG circles.”

            “The issue is getting the average person on board.”

            The more the leaks spread, the more chance the normies, sheeple and new gamers will get to see it.

            Not everything is restricted to mainstream games media, they are not the be-all and end-all. People also use social media, networking, forums and lesser-known blogs and websites for information as well.

            It does not have be covered by mainstream games media to convince the average person. Although I do admit it would help enormously.

          • scemar

            Lies are hard to keep, and truth is hard to contain

            it doesn’t matter if they don’t cover it, the fact that they didn’t cover it makes a good story

            it doesn’t matter if not everyone hears it, if someone hears it, that’s good

            every time they try to hide the truth they have to lie, and they later have to hide and lie about the past lies, it piles up and it keeps on going

            all it takes is for people to hear one or more of these stories to start learning more, and once someone realizes they’ve been lied to it’s hard to ever regain their trust

            it doesn’t have to happen in one big boom, it cannot go that way
            but instead it’s like a slowly drying well, the public’s trust on the media is going to dry up eventually

        • Mr.Towel

          I think Breibart is bound to cover this and they’re not a GG circle, not exclusively. They’re very right-wing, actually, many right-wingers who doesn’t understand jackshit about gaming know a lot about GG because of Breibart.

          • Guy Dudebro

            Well according to modern politics, anyone who is even aware of internet culture, browses Reddit, or posts on 4chan, is considered a “subculture” of the extreme right. They’ve basically begun corralling all the demographics they don’t understand (like people on the internet) into the umbrella of “alt-right”.

          • Mr.Towel

            Heh, have forgot about that: Everything that is not Lefty enough, or is situated to the Right of me, it’s extremely right-winge!r”

            Talk about radicalization…

          • scemar

            Breitbart is helping towards saving the world, big time

            no kidding, not exaggerating

            I’ve been checking it more and more often lately and not even a couple of days pass without them doing some big exposure on some big corruption the mainstream media refuses to report, meanwhile their readerbase grows and public trust in mainstream media goes down, and they lose control on the narrative, or what the public knows, they see more than what the mainstream media backed by big interests wanted them to see

            it’s a legit change on the world and it’s leaving a mark

        • We have good evidence and proof in the form of the CON leaks in hand.

          But yeah, let’s forget it, not do anything and just leave it at that.

          Because that’s definitely sure to be more productive than actually trying something right?

          • Cole Pram

            “But yeah, let’s forget it, not do anything and just leave it at that.

            Because that’s definitely sure to be more productive than actually trying something right?”

            That’s not what I said. I said the media isn’t going to cover it. The best we can do is spread the info ourselves, but our reach is pretty limited. I think what’s been done, passing the info to the media, is the proper thing. At the very least they might think twice about giving press to those involved in the future… But I doubt it. The drama club involved and the clicks they generate is just too attractive to journalist looking for a quick forgettable story that gets clicks.

        • C G Saturation

          Well, it’s like giving the media outlets proof of their own lies. Of course they’re not going to report themselves as being full of shit. Internal investigations tend to result in verdicts of self-innocence, blah blah.

          What to do about it? I dunno. In the big picture, corruption is everywhere. It’s gotten way out of hand. The gaming media and industry are just a few examples.

          I think regular people are sub-consciously aware of the corruption, and prefer to ignore it because there isn’t much that we regular people can do against corruption of such immense proportions.

          Either that, or they see it as normal and do it themselves because it’s profitable and they often get away with it. The system and people in power are actively protecting and engaging in corruption, they set the example for everyone else.

          • Cole Pram

            “I think regular people are sub-consciously aware of the corruption”

            Yeah, by all accounts very few people actually trust the media these days. Unfortunately “very few” in terms of the whole population is still actually quite a bit.

        • Louise Mensch
          • Cole Pram

            While this is good, I like heatst, it’s not technically the “gaming press” or Mainstream Media. When we see any of Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra, IGN, Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, Destructoid cover it I’ll be impressed. I hope the Escapist will cover it, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ll be pissing myself with joy if CNN, MSNBC, CBC, etc. cover it.

            Seeing the gaming press cover it is important because, to me, that means they’re acknowledging they back the wrong people, which, IMHO, is a clear indication that we kicked the crap out of them.

  • Alistair

    On a sidenote i think that powers at be that think we should tow our line and dimmish our freedom of expression that should effect SJW and make it illegal by claiming someONE life via stealth.

    They dont mean to be directly involved, hell in UK you can fall foul by joint enterprise and share the same fate as the one that deliver the fatal blow.

  • m0r1arty

    When do we contact Intel and Google about their ‘safety’ councils and ‘diversity’ workships being plagued with thieves, liars and worse?

    • Like yesterday. Get to steppin’!

    • Guy Dudebro

      That implies gigantic corporations are somehow pure or good-intentioned outside of this.

      Google’s slogan used to be “Don’t be evil” but in the last few years that feels like a somewhat hypocritical stance. A big corporation can’t really afford *not* to be evil or underhanded to stay ahead. Business is inherently competitive. Which means dirty tricks are par for the course.

      • Mr.Towel

        Well, if it tarnish their public image they’ll have to back out whether they like it or not. Gamgergate has done exactly that to many sponsors of Gawker.

  • FlamingoJet

    I’m a bit confused, what is the point of this?

    • This story? To let people know that many major media outlets are very well aware of the CON leaks. If you don’t see any stories from major media outlets (the ones listed in the story), feel free to ask them why.

      The point of the leaks? To show that a supposed network of abuse specialist have engaged in abuse, harassment and sabotage.

      • Alistair

        It good to see this in action and good that yourself and nichegamer are involved so far nichegamer Hasn’t cover the story but weekends are slow news days.

        It our bank holiday today in UK so some websites will be slow picking it up.

        It be rather intreasting to see which sites cover the story and who wont.

        • Yep. I’ll definitely keep an eye on certain feeds from certain outlets.

      • FlamingoJet

        Thank you for this clarification. I wasn’t following as closely as others.

        • No problem. Anything involving #GamerGate is usually dense when it comes to information, so I imagine a lot of people will have to search around to get a good idea of everything that’s gone down.

    • Guy Dudebro

      The “good guys” policing the streets of Twitter for problematic opinions and behavior, have had the curtain pulled back on their little group through transcripts of their online scheming chatrooms. Turns out they weren’t the good guys.

  • Grey

    Good on whoever did that, but sadly I’m not expecting much. Many of those outlets have promoted CON or other people involved in those logs so vigorously and been so blatant about their lack of concern over facts or evidence in presenting a narrative that is is difficult to see them now recanting that position.

    • scemar

      fun fact, new polls show that barely 6% of americans trust their media or something like that

      the next step is that naturally, they will seek different sources of information

      now tell me that wouldn’t be wonderful?

      any chance to expose their lack of integrity is good because it keeps the topic on the spotlight, mainstream journalism’s failure towards the public

      • C G Saturation

        I think that even if most people don’t trust their media, they’re still not going to care enough to look for news elsewhere.

        • scemar

          you don’t need most people
          just enough of them to be hard to ignore

      • Guy Dudebro

        They don’t trust it but they still believe most of what they are hearing and repeat it to others, as if they now hold those beliefs themselves.

  • scemar

    what a fantastic addition to the history of this story we’re still seeing written before us
    the story of videogames, journalism, corruption, ideology, and the public’s backlash

    the people behind it sure knew how to give the leak a dramatic effect, with this and the mombot event the post gamergate part of the story is turning out to be full of exciting moments

    • Alistair

      You can add SJWs regression left has blood on their hands, by stealthy claim a life.

      Its the fear climate that cucks suppose to be defender of online bullying and everything is NOT Permited. So when you mixed regression & extreme views Of people.

      Something must give and it did claiming the life of a 16 year UK girl who posted a joke photo to her friends but fear of backlash took her own life.

      That your SJWs regression left cunts for both males and females can be one. Losing people jobs, claiming people lifes is they favor past time.

      I feel sick in my stomach.

      • Mr.Towel

        Wow, I’m not apart from this suicide case. What the hell happened? Can you explain?