Conception 2 Nude Mod For PC Makes Mating Even Easier Yet
Conception II

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars has a premise that would make most Social Justice Warriors cringe. It’s about finding a beautiful mate, and creating some powerful kids to fight evil monsters. Well, the process of mating will be made so much easier now that some of the female characters will be wearing even less than what they already were.

Modder Mharius put out the roll call for potential gamers looking to spruce up and spice up the visual appeal of Conception II on PC. The game recently launched on Steam by Spike Chunsoft, and gamers have been invited to overhaul the game with some skimpy new mods.

According to Mharius…

“It has been determined that unrevealing outfits hinder the duty of our noble S-Rank females and such outfits can no longer not be tolerated. Luckily our Divine Engineer Mharius has begun to design a new generation of combat suits, with a style better suited for this most divine task of procreation!”

And by divine Mharius means exposing the naughty bits.

If the outfits were summertime beverages, there would be plenty of milk and lemonade on display.

For now, the mod is still a work in progress but some of the outfits have the chest and crotch areas exposed. The mod file itself contains most of everything required to get started along with a few unfinished WIP assets as well.

You’ll need the latest version of the game updated and installed, so if you’re the kind of gamer who sails the heavy seas, it may not work too well for you.

Installation is pretty easy, simply use the “Mharius” password after extracting the goods and running the patcher and let everything take its course. The Conception II nude mod is only 3.6MB and you can download it from over on the Undertow.Club right now.


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