Criminal Girls 2 Banned In Germany And Australia Following Self-Censorship
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2016)

NIS America went through the painstaking task of redoing assets, modifying voice tracks and editing the contents of Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors in order to avoid the game getting banned, refused classification or getting hit with the oh-so-dreadful AO rating. Well, despite curtailing some of the risque content and self-censoring sizable parts of the game’s appeal, NIS was still denied classification for Criminal Girls 2 in Germany, and has no classification in Australia; so they won’t be selling it there.

Over on the NIS America website, a short blog from a press representative explained that the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle ratings board in Germany, oftentimes referred to as the USK, refused to classify Criminal Girls 2 because they felt it would be harmful to minors.

According to NIS, they stated on the blog…

“We have filed an official objection requesting a rating for the game, but the USK has stood firm in their refusal citing the potential for the game to qualify as “content severely harmful to minors” which could violate certain clauses of the German penal law.”

Strangely, the USK offers a 18+ rating that states that anyone under 18 is not allowed to purchase the game, dictating that it’s available for adults only. However, the rating mostly only relates to “dark and threatening” situations, as well as strong and bloody violence. It doesn’t mention anything about sexual situations, according to the USK website.

NIS wasn’t done with the bad news, though. The game also has no classification in Australia. There will be no release in regions using the OFLC rating since the game was not given a rating, in spite of the fact that Australia has an R18+ rating for those 18 and older.

The entire thing has been chronicled by Censored Gaming, who has been keeping track of the censorship and changes made to the game, as you can see in the video below (which is obviously NSFW) comparing one of the bondage motivation scenes.

Play-Asia may be getting more business soon if people decide to support the release of Criminal Girls 2 by importing the game from Japan for the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s handheld is region-free so it’s a safe bet to take if you want the game but don’t want to support censorship.

The censored versions of Criminal Girls 2 will release in ESRB regions on September 20th and PEGI regions on September 23rd.

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  • swapware

    according to the OFLC it hasn’t been refused classification or banned in Australia, just not many companies like spending over a thousand dollars in getting the game classified here, I love when people use click bait articles saying something is banned and it hasnt even been submitted 🙂

  • Alistair

    Here the email earlier then planned as I be quite busy later.

    So make of it what you will. Where does it saying everything is not permitted they never ask to remove content that could mean they soften the stance by not asking the removing of the word child as a example in 1 of the emails doing the rounds.

    • Right, but the ESRB won’t as them to remove anything either. They’ll just say that according to what’s IN the game it could net them an AO. So it’s indirect enforcement.

      Ratings board: “We’re not telling you to remove this. But so long as this in the game you’re going to get this rating.”

      Publisher: “Self-censorship it is!”

      • Alistair

        Im more intreasted what description PEGI Would give with that rating of 16 the devil is in the description.

        The 1st criminal girls got PEGI-18 description Sexual violence.

        Criminal girls-2 Pegi-16 description ????????

        Sexual violence = to Non-consensual

  • Alistair

    Just a update just to let you know i got email from PEGI, later on today i shall post a screencap of it make of it what you will.

    1 thind for sure it wasn’t PEGI that being awkward.

  • Alistair

    Its official NISA forums are screw up bunch. Defending NISA useing mental disorder as factor saying people cant grasp the reason why criminal girls 2 need to be censored,

    And the difference between CG2, Senran, and gal-Gun are not the same. They got 1 thing in common non-consensual and power distance every echhi games is new game but the context are nearly the same.

    1 commenter said in gal gun you shot music at the love struck girl but you still shooting at her non-consensual is she shoting more shoot me MORE.

    The only mental disorder is NISA & Fanboys that cant get it in their thick heads they fictional characters FFS.

  • DDD-kun

    Sept 20th is gonna be a busy day. iirc, that’s when I’ll get Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, and Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni.

  • Unbeliever

    With censorship you just can’t win.
    NIS went with all that effort, pissed fans and lost sales anyway.

  • LurkerJK

    lol, hope that this is a lesson for NIS, once SJWs target you there is no negotiating, no amount of self censorship is going to change anything, they are do not “change their minds”.

    You might as well rebel in their stupidity and use them doubling down on the offending content “oh someone got triggered ?, free nude mods with each copy! free Boob size slider DLC! give us more free publicity please!”

  • C G Saturation

    At this rate, Australia and Germany will ban themselves, which will hopefully nullify their existence and confine them to the abyss.

  • MusouTensei

    Banned is not the correct word.
    Right now it’s unrated and will be investigated further to see if it actually requires to be put on the index by the BPjM, till then it’s technically not illegal to sell the game, most stores just treat it as america does the AO rating.
    Should the BPjM not see any reason to actually index the game or worse the USK is required to rate it 18+ at least as the BPjM is a higher authority. This happened to Mortal Kombat X which got refused at 1st as well, but the BPjM didn’t see reasons to index it so it came out a little later here with a USK18 rating.
    It’s all in the hands of the BPjM now.

    • Not really sure what other word to use when they aren’t allowed to sell it at retail. It’s mostly semantics since it’s not banned by mandate but banned by institutional bureaucracy at the moment. It’s just a shorter word for saying “Not allowed to be sold under the current penal system at retail”, a phrase that would make the headline too long.

      If the BPjM forces the USK to rate it then the story can be updated stating that it’s allowed to be sold.

      • Alistair

        So it not a death nil then BPJM Has the last say.

        Still think NISA Handle this not very well.

  • Australian customs can apparently seize copies that come into the country:

    • Cats736

      Create a US PSN account, buy PSN gift card, buy game on the PSN.

      • They’d be better off buying the Japanese version though. 😛

        But yeah, there’s always around censorship.

    • Michael P

      Technically yes but as an Australian that has imported over a dozen “banned” or censored games/movies, I can say from experience that they’re either not checking at all or not looking very hard because I’ve never had a problem.

  • Alistair

    Its official Australia wont give CG2 a rating despite what a fellow commenter said to me eslewere prinny confirm it.

    The fact fanboys are still defending NISA Makes me ill with the saying i can see why the changes to be made and proves the rating boards have issues like NISA have said & If the game were uncensored in other regions it too will get banned.

    But i see it different the aim is to not to take risk hence self censorship of advice given by the boards.

    If NISA Talk to USK according to prinny they did when prinny said USK Told them the skirts were too short so NISA make them a bit longer.

    That open up another question why did USK Said that they got what NISA Did and still refuse a rating.

  • No one important

    What is the difference between the two versions in the video? I cannot tell.

    • MusouTensei

      Turn up the volume.

  • I think we should be more worried about the fact that countries are officially banning games outright.

    Due to the ultra-leftist SJW climate in society and politics today, I’m sure many countries will follow Germany and Australia’s example when it comes to this kind of thing.

    Fan-service games are on it’s way underground in my opinion.

    • It is scary to think that ratings are completely ignored in these cases and the games are just being banned even if they could fit within the industry standard’s rating system. What’s the point of the ratings if the games still can’t feature that content?

      • TT

        Well, considering what’s happening with Germany right now, I mean I don’t usually go for conspiracy theories, but I’m starting to get a nagging suspicion of why these games are being banned…

      • LurkerJK

        There has never been any point with ratings.

        Adults rarely check them before buying the game for their kids, in most cases the rating says nothing that you cannot get from just taking a peek at the cover art and the screen shots or a simple google of the game title in your cellphone

        And the rating issuers are usually shifty individuals driven on political agendas, self biases and under-the-table “donations” who get to that post in all sort of ways except being idoneous for the task and hold no responsibilities or standards

    • TT

      It’ll only get worse; altered dialogue and removal of anything deemed “problematic”, this is getting ridiculous…

      • And it’ll get even more ridiculous because:

        1) The immigrant/refugee situation

        2) ‘Normies’ completely believe and buy into this “sexism” and “misogyny” stuff

        3) No-one having the guts to publicly speak out against this kind of censorship. Because if you do, you’ll be immediately screamed down for being a “sexist” or “misogynist” for wanting this kind of game.

        The regressive left / SJWs / feminists have created a completely authoritarian tyranny through fear-mongering which results in the restriction of free speech and expression, and the suppression of facts. It’s unacceptable and it needs to be burned to the ground.

        • TT

          it’s disgusting, and these are the same people who won’t question the immigrant/refugee sex assaults, but will cry incessantly over vidya causing these issues.
          The “normies” thing…well let me put it this way, we are stuck here with a retard of a PM, who name dropped GG as a harassment campaign against women and constantly spouts SJW regressive bullshit. I pointed out how stupid it was and was bitched out by my brother’s girlfriend about “how do you know video games aren’t sexist?”. No real argument though.

          Though I feel many people are speaking up more, it’s just a mix of being ignored and people fearing backlash for speaking up. I have to agree, it really does need to burn to the ground.

    • DDD-kun

      Fun as it is to think of the matter that way, this isn’t a ban. In Aus’s case, the actions are entirely on NISA’s part and they’re the ones that need to rectify the matter. In Gemrany’s case, there is a separate committee that now has to investigate the game that was refused, and the government decides if it contains any material harmful to minors, to paraphrase what I remember reading from the USK’s site.

      So CR2 isn’t banned so much as suspended pending a hearing. And even if the German govt finds the product harmful, it’ll just be sold under counter and not be allowed any advertisement, to my understanding.

      • “And even if the German govt finds the product harmful, it’ll just be sold under counter and not be allowed any advertisement, to my understanding.”

        If that turns out to be the case for the game, then what is the fucking point of the age ratings?

        Technically the game would not be banned, but to deny it being publicly advertised and promoted is almost as close to banning it. The developers and publishers (not just NISA but any company who wants to release fan-service games) would lose potential huge sales because of it, which means financial losses. Which of course results in them not wanting to produce or bring over these kind of games any more. Basically, it borders on indirect censorship.

        You know, the ‘ostracised bad game which needs to be sold under the counter so the buyer can be ostracised too’ card. It’s a complete disgrace.

        • DDD-kun

          “If that turns out to be the case for the game, then what is the fucking point of the age ratings?”

          They’re a buying guideline. At least as I understand it. They’re not ironclad law. That much is demonstrable by the fact there’s even an investigative process set for any game that’s refused a rating—a process honestly I find myself wanting to know more about, given how a refused rating or an AO rating is most often than not a death knell in the US.

          “Technically the game would not be banned, but to deny it being
          publicly advertised and promoted is almost as close to banning it.”

          It’s not ‘close’ to banning, it all but is in name. It’s a scarlet letter, a last-ditch defense to supposedly keep it out the hands of kiddies, but in bigger practice make matters out of sight, out of mind for everyone save those who knew of its existence to begin with.

          But that is still far aside of my point that there is still a due process and the game hasn’t seen final judgment. I’ll be right beside you, ready to roast and mock Germany should the ending come to just that, but for now, we sit and let the boring part of the job happen—schmoes in suits having to squint over a Vita and determine through gameplay just why this is a potential public threat to morality or decency..

          • That’s a good point about it being suspended, and I suppose that would have been a better word for the headline. Nevertheless, the outcome is still exactly the same for the consumer: you can’t simply walk into your average shop and buy the game.

            I also imagine this specific type of bureaucracy will be the new way of side-stepping the use of the word “ban”. A game perpetually stuck in the institutional process will see a lot of people arguing that it’s not “banned” it’s just “processing”, all the meanwhile you still can’t buy the game.

            I’m also curious about the fees for this. ESRB was mum when I was asking about the process fees for every time a publisher has to submit a game, they used the excuse that the contracts between them and the publishers are signed under NDAs.

            At the end of the day it’s just more politics getting in the way of selling the game, even though the more reasonable thing to do is give it the maximum rating (ensuring no one under 18 can buy it from retail without a parental guardian) and then allowing the publisher to appeal the rating if they feel it’s too high. At least in this regard, the game can still be sold and under more auspicious circumstances than having it prohibited from being sold while it goes through a completely separate committee (assuming NISA is taking that step).

      • Alistair

        When manhunt-2 refuse a rating in UK It was banned true we had the appeal system.

        But due progress the game could not be sold.

        Then NISA Said no copies in Germany.

        • DDD-kun

          If that was the due process on Manhunt 2, then that was the due process. There’s little point in getting livid about it aside of considering the civic trust councils responsible all had lobotomies and replaced their fun centers with cream cheese and Splenda.

          That’s that, and this is this. CR2’s fiasco has not concluded. Not only that, but unlike the situation with the ESRB, no one is sworn to secrecy and we don’t have to rely on just NISA’s word. I’m still thinking on the specific questions I’ll have for the USK and their authoritative overseers.

          That is, provided Censored Gaming or one of these media sites don’t beat me to the punch.

  • Alistair

    Dont you just love it by people getting butthurt over this.

    Im been called out as a photoshoping faker posting with NISA forums Screencap.

    NISA Says people that pre-Order it will still get the game the Pegi version.

    Lots of damage controls last night on There.

    However people dress it up, spin it it still FAILED.

    “we have to censored the game to get a rating of all region, on consulting the rating boards it a possibility it get a AO”

    Question did they ask USK and Australia then according to NISA They said rating boads.

    Another can of worms i open up. If they ask USK Views, USK Would know what to expect right so what has change?

  • TT

    I’m really enjoying Censored Gaming, and they are really picking up in popularity. It’s refreshing to hear people covering these things.

  • An Honest Opinion

    Play-Asia to the rescue for fans again. Nice job on the article. I went and subscribed to Censored Gaming.

    • Cats736

      They’re not going to, they’re not able to. The Asia version will be using the same censored version we got just like the first game.