Criminal Girls 2 Banned In Germany And Australia Following Self-Censorship

NIS America went through the painstaking task of redoing assets, modifying voice tracks and editing the contents of Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors in order to avoid the game getting banned, refused classification or getting hit with the oh-so-dreadful AO rating. Well, despite curtailing some of the risque content and self-censoring sizable parts of the game’s appeal, NIS was still denied classification for Criminal Girls 2 in Germany, and has no classification in Australia; so they won’t be selling it there.

Over on the NIS America website, a short blog from a press representative explained that the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle ratings board in Germany, oftentimes referred to as the USK, refused to classify Criminal Girls 2 because they felt it would be harmful to minors.

According to NIS, they stated on the blog…

“We have filed an official objection requesting a rating for the game, but the USK has stood firm in their refusal citing the potential for the game to qualify as “content severely harmful to minors” which could violate certain clauses of the German penal law.”

Strangely, the USK offers a 18+ rating that states that anyone under 18 is not allowed to purchase the game, dictating that it’s available for adults only. However, the rating mostly only relates to “dark and threatening” situations, as well as strong and bloody violence. It doesn’t mention anything about sexual situations, according to the USK website.

NIS wasn’t done with the bad news, though. The game also has no classification in Australia. There will be no release in regions using the OFLC rating since the game was not given a rating, in spite of the fact that Australia has an R18+ rating for those 18 and older.

The entire thing has been chronicled by Censored Gaming, who has been keeping track of the censorship and changes made to the game, as you can see in the video below (which is obviously NSFW) comparing one of the bondage motivation scenes.

Play-Asia may be getting more business soon if people decide to support the release of Criminal Girls 2 by importing the game from Japan for the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s handheld is region-free so it’s a safe bet to take if you want the game but don’t want to support censorship.

The censored versions of Criminal Girls 2 will release in ESRB regions on September 20th and PEGI regions on September 23rd.


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