Defect, Sci-Fi Game Sees You Building A Ship And Hunting Down Your Former Crew

Three Phase Interactive’s Defect is a very interesting game. It has a fairly simple premise: your ship was taken over by your former crew after a mutiny and you must build a ship to hunt them down. The game’s real hook? The ship your former crew steals is a ship you build.

Using more than 180 different parts and allowing for nearly countless combinations, Defect first sees players having to take on a very difficult mission and requires a strong and fast ship to complete the task. After building the ship, you have to prepare to deal with the reality that your crew will form a mutiny, kick you off your own ship and steal it and use it for their own means.

Your next mission includes heading to the scrap yard, collecting parts and building another ship to hunt down your former crew. It’s a really cool concept and it’s neat to see some developers thinking outside the box as far as story and motivations go when it comes to storytelling. You can see what the actual gameplay is like and how you can construct your ship with the launch trailer below.

It’s kind of cool because the first ship you build is the one you’re going to lose. If you make it too weak you won’t be able to complete the first mission, but if you make it too strong it’ll make it difficult to take it down later in the game. It’s such a sexy dynamic because it really makes you think about what you want to design and what you’ll eventually face off against later in the game.

The campaign mode features 50 different missions to complete, and you’ll be able to build your ship from components from three different manufacturers, ranging from engines, special components, wings, weapons, cores and more.

There’s also a challenge mode where you can take on ships built by your friends and shared online. That seems pretty cool.

If you’re interested in a game like this you can grab it for $14.99 from over on the Steam store. For further information feel free to visit the official website.


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